~Harry Styles Love Story.

One large tablespoon of Love, few sprinkles of Trust and a glass of Honesty. But there's one thing missing. Him.
Short story, completed. Enjoy!


5. Everyone has secrets.

Warning: Might become slightly more inappropriate, no details though.

He threw me against the couch, his eyes closed with focus as his lips massaged against mine. He was panting slightly, but tried his best to hide it. Now, we were in the position of him on top of me. His weight pushed against my body, but trying to pressure myself up slightly, I wrapped his hazel ringlets around my fingers, feeling my cheeks burning. He unzipped my jumper, revealing my top, still covering up most of my upper body. Grasping onto his long sleeve, I opened my eyes, grinning slightly. Pulling his shirt off, I suddenly pushed away, staring at him uncomfortably.

"Harry.." I began, my eyes focused on his wrists. He slowly realized what I was looking at, and he swallowed the gulp in his throat loudly. He stared at me, waiting for me to respond.

"Harry, why haven't you told me about this?" The countless tears flooded out of my eyes, as I grasped onto him, weeping into his shoulder.

"I didn't want to worry you.." He mumbled into my hair, as I felt water hit my roots too. Rising up, I stared at him in amazement.

"Worry me? Harry I love you and I'll accept you whatever way you are but you can't harm yourself!" I hug him so tightly, I could feel him gasp for breath. "You need to stop. For me. Please." I let out quickly, rubbing my hand down his rough scars, kissing down his arm lovingly.

"Anything for you, just promise me something.." He began, pulling my face up with his thumb.

"Yes," I replied, staring at him, as he moved his lips softly.

"Promise me that you'll never leave me, whatever happens." His hands steer around my body, as he clasps them onto my back, pulling me towards him.

"I promise."


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