~Harry Styles Love Story.

One large tablespoon of Love, few sprinkles of Trust and a glass of Honesty. But there's one thing missing. Him.
Short story, completed. Enjoy!


4. Do you.. really?

"Do you.. really?" I catch a glimpse of his curls, resting on the back of the sofa. He turns around, his eye lids a shade of pale purple. He looked at me in confusion, but I knew he could tell what I meant. He smiled so meekly, you could barely see his lips curl. Shooting me a glare, he rose up, walking towards me slowly. His baggy t-shirt even baggier than a few days back. We haven't spoken for a week, both locked in our own bedrooms, considering our actions.

"I don't say things I don't mean. I don't lie. As much as I would love to, I just can't.." He whispered, the words melting into me. Looking up at him, I heard his heart thumping.

"So, do you.. really-"

His lips crashed against mine in awe, working their way around the walls of my mouth. He grinned gently as he sensed me kissing him back. His hair touched against my forehead, showering over my face. He tasted of vanilla, yet there was something mysterious about him. His hands snaked around my waist, clutching me by the hips, close up towards him. His eyelashes fluttered against my face, as he opened his eyes dreamily, looking at me like I was a painting.

"I love you, Mai Brooks." He sighs, pecking me on the lips one last time before breaking away and turning around. "And it hurts to know you don't love me back-" He mumbles under his breath, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Of course I love you back, Harry. I've loved you ever since the first time you touched me. You had me at hello. I see what you've been doing to yourself, because of disbelief and despair. But I really love you. And I never thought I'd say this, but, I guess it was love at first sight.." I grab him by the elbow, pressing my head against his chest, hearing his heart beat next to mine. Balancing his chin on the tip of my head, he laughed a bit, then looked down at me.

"You're so beautiful." He gasped, staring into my eyes, as I felt myself blossoming inside. I let out a soft giggle, then looked at him.

"That's because of you."

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