That Night

Willows sister Lily is always up to mischief but will that change when their favourite 2 cousins out of 1232 come


3. Time to Partey

I put on my leopard skin bikini and went down stairs and met Lily and Marty on the way Lily was wearing a zebra bikini and Marty a gold one. I noticed Niall staring at me and Marty while Lily was getting chatted up by some boys including Louis honestly. Niall was standing by the pool so I took the chance pushed him in Lily style but he grabbed my foot which pulled me in with him I screamed as i fell in lol that was a laugh out loud moment  we laughed and i looked over to find Harry
talking to some girls one looked like his girlfriend.

We ate we drank we got drunk and ate some more


Hope you have enjoyed it sorry it is ridiculously short



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