That Night

Willows sister Lily is always up to mischief but will that change when their favourite 2 cousins out of 1232 come


5. Spin the bottle

"SPIN THE BOTTLE, SPIN THE BOTTLE" Everyone was chanting

"OK" I gave in

"I'll spin it may shouted It landed on me then she span it again and it landed on Harry

"come on!" I screamed "He's my brother" but i was drunk so UGH I hate to say it Harry swapped with J..Joe a really handsome boy who was my OLD bf honestly

"we went to the closet and stepped inside "come on we are not really going too"

but like i said we were drunk so he gave me a peck on the cheek then the lips then a snog and we got out i mean really we were drunk then it was Harry(again) and Amy and nothing actually happened you could hear them making kissy noises but then it got serious it was Danielle and Louis and when they came out Louis had kiss marks all over him but now its got boring so we skipped to truth or dare



sorry these chapters are getting shorter and shorter lol i just dont have time

From Lucie

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