That Night

Willows sister Lily is always up to mischief but will that change when their favourite 2 cousins out of 1232 come


4. Night

***(11:23)*** (after the party)***

"That was AMAZING!" Louis screamed

"Yeah" Marty shouted clearly as drunk as the rest of us

"Lets play truth or dare!" Lily suggested " And call our friends round"

"Yes" I said falling over in my heels Harry caught me "Yes and ... and ... Lets call our friends over"

I did a group call of May, Jo, Danielle and Amy

Me- Hiya girls

Amy- Hiya whats up!

Me- Well i was wondering-

Danielle- if we'd like to come round?

All of us except Danielle- Weird!

Jo- Sure I'll pick you all up

Me- you might want to bring PJ'S we are having a sleepover and you might get a tiny bit drunk not too though

May- OK be right


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