That Night

Willows sister Lily is always up to mischief but will that change when their favourite 2 cousins out of 1232 come


2. Cousins

 I heard the doorbell ring echoing through the house. We each have our own house. Me and Lily have to share one and mum and dad Live next door and Mum has friends coming round so Harry and Marty have to stay in our house we are having a party to welcome them home. Marty is short for Martina because she doesn't like that name and she is a girl with bright red hair  that is always put back in a bun. Harry has brown curly hair and perfect eyes and seems to always wear checked shirts lol.

"They are here!" I heard Lily shout. I stuck my hair in a fish plait on the side and ran down to answer the door "Marty!" I screamed and hugged her.

"Willow tree!" Harry yelled playfully!

"Harry" i yelled back and hugged him and 4 other guys walked out of the car i knew straight away who they were "Is there enough room?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Definitely" I replied "SOOOO your Niall your Zayn, Louis and Liam" i said pointing to them as I said their name "yep!" they all yelled in unison.

"We've got a party for you its a swimming pool one!" Lily butted in.

"Nandos?" Niall thought aloud

"Yes we thought you might come so we got some peri-peri chicken on the way back! Harry all of your old school friends are here and i umm kinda said you would do live music!" i said

"Sure" Liam answered and everyone nodded

"sorry to interrupt but where is my room these bags are killing me" moaned marty

"up the lift 5th floor on the left you'll be in the room next to me" I replied

"Thanks" she said and i helped them all with their bags

"your stronger" Harry commented

"I'm used to it now i go canoeing you have to carry your canoe back and forth they are what you call heavy and now i do ice hockey i bet i am better than you now" I said

"no ones better than me!" harry boasted the lift stopped harry your in your old sleepover room with Louis, Niall your with Zayn and Liam in that room and Marty your in the room next to me put your stuff in their and meet me by the swimming pool in your bathing suits you will have a suprise!" I shouted as i was already half way down the stairs



Right then how do you like it if i will write some more when i can but right now comment if you like it



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