That Night

Willows sister Lily is always up to mischief but will that change when their favourite 2 cousins out of 1232 come


1. Chapter 1

My name is Willow I am 14 and have a little sister called Lily who is 12. She thinks she knows it all but i bet she doesn't know what 7+7 equals anyway we live in Hawaii in a MASSIVE Mansion we have parties every day and school only from 10am to 1pm amazing. We have a swimming pool and  Even though Lily will do silly things like push me in or pull the plug when I'm about to jump in the swimming pool is the best bit. So today i was walking along the street minding my own business with my 4 friends May, Jo, Amy and Danielle, When Lily and her friends Ben, Louise, Jackie and Peter Jump out and chuck our dogs spot's water all on us honestly. Anyway I have Brown straight hair up to my hips Blue eyes that will sparkle in the sun and I usually wear a Denim shirt with Denim Shorts with My Navy vans but if it goes a bit breezy (Which it usually doesn't as we are always scorching hot) I will slip on my Jack Wills Jumper that is Turquoise and  my friends have blonde curled shoulder length hair except Danielle who has dark red curls. Lily has blonde bouncy curls that match her personality and wheres material shirts with vest tops and her friends do the same except the boys who have dark brown hair cut short. Enough about the clothes Lily trashed my room today and our cousins are coming to stay Marty and Harry Styles from the band one direction I couldn't when Harry won the x-factor and then i found out we were related it was a shock but a good one lol!!!

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