Drum Role Please

When a 17 year old girl joins a competition dance, she meets someone unexpected. A beautiful boy dancing with his friends. What she doesn't know is that hes forceful. Will she drop the game for him, or stay and dance her life. Read this story and find out!


1. Chapter 1

I packed up my book-bag and ran down my stairs to the kitchen.

"First day of school, Eh' " My brothers voice rang in my head.

"Yeah.... And you?" Our Irish accents hanging together in the air. I hurried up to eat my breakfast. When I got to my school it was like no one was there. I could hear sneakers stomping. It was like a ghost town.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" a tall girl yelled at me while moving fastly past and pushing me to the ground.

"This is gonna be a long year..." I mumble.


After my first two classes was lunch. When I got to the kitchen there was nothing there. I hurried out to find a seat before someone knocked me out. I rushed to my friend Clairius.

"Hey," I say out of breath. They all looked me weird, Head from toe. One girl started to giggle, while another burst out laughing.

"Um.... What are you doing here?" she was from America so she stood out more.

"I'm sitting with my friend.. Why is that a crime in America?"

"Yeah when your looking like that!" They all started laughing at me. I looked down at my jean shorts that go up to the end of my bum and my neon pink shirt tucked in, My hair was curled, converse on, and once again no makeup. Thats what was making me stand out. NO. MAKEUP. It rang through my head as they laughed. Clairius staring at my in amazment of what I wore. I started making my way to the bathroom, the laughter still in my head. I started to cry. I ran to the corner of the bathroom and sat down.


Being in there for a while, I saw a poster. A dance poster. I read it out loud since no one was in there with me. "Dance sign ups for 6-19 year olds. The competition will be held in NYC where we will have famous judges in front while you dance your heart out. Sign up now while you can!" There was a number up stop that I was to call. I hurried and called it. Maybe life will get better..... But its only in my heart.

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