One Valentine. (1shot41d)

This is my contest entry for the contest. Enjoy!


1. Remember

"Remember the day I first met you, that rainy Valentine’s Day?" Niall asked me. I nodded, as he started to relive it.




      I was soaking wet. I was kicked out of my house by my parents because I dated a drunkie. But that was no longer a problem because I just saw him hooking up with some Barbie doll. I passed couples under umbrellas and inside restaurants. Thunder cracked. Flashes lit up the sky. I cried. The rain drops mixed with the tears.


      After walking in the rain for about three hours, I was ran into by a tall man. I stumbled into a puddle of cold water and mud. The man stopped and I could see he was more of a teenage boy then a man. "I am so sorry, miss!" He shouted over the thunder. I shook my head. He held out his hand to me. I gladly took it. "It's okay. I wasn't paying attention." I said. He looked straight into my eyes. "You're not okay. Yours eyes are bloodshot. You’re shivering, wet, and alone. What happened?" His Irish accent soothing me. I broke down and sobbed, running into his out stretched arms.


     "Shh. Don't worry. Tell me all about it." He told me. And I did. He led me to a dry cafe table and i poured my heart out to him. I soon learned his name was Niall Horan from One Direction, and knew i could trust him.


     "So, Emily, you are alone, right? That can’t be! Your such a lovely lady. You made one mistake. And its valentine’s day!"


     I shrugged. It’s just my luck, I thought.


     "Do you want to spend it with me?" He surprised me. We had just met, but i had taken a liking to him.


     I nodded. "Sure. That would be really nice Niall. Thanks." I said.


     We spent the rest of the day going around, shopping and talking.


     *flashback end*


     "And then, on the 3rd of March, I asked you to be my girlfriend." he said. I laughed. "You tried to learn some big dance move and fell face first into my birthday cake!" He blushed. "And, since I met you on that day, I only thought it was fitting to make you mine forever on this day." He said, leaving the couch. He got on one knee in front of me. I put my hands to my mouth. “Emily Teresa, Will you be my world? Marry me, please?" his eyes shone with happiness as I nodded yes, unable to speak. He broke into a huge smile and hugged me, placing the heart ring on my finger. "Forever." He and I said at the same time.


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