Bring Me The Horizon

All in this story is fiction. Nothing is taken from reality (except the band of course and their names and looks), but all the concerts are made up and everything that happens is made up. Also I do not own Bring Me The Horizon or any of their work. It is simply just fiction.
Enjoy :)


6. The beginning of something special

As the days went by I started to open up again. Alex came over every day to check on me and my dad began getting chemo and suddenly the days turned into weeks. I only had 2 shifts a week at the café, but I still hadn’t gotten hold of my life to do my assignments in time for school – only now I had what the teachers would call a “good excuse” and suddenly October the 3rd turned on my calendar and I had almost forgotten all about the concert, but there it was on my computer screen: a big picture of Bring Me the Horizon with the print under it saying: WEEEH! Finally the day came!! With an uninterested look I closed the window and sat for a moment only staring at the empty computer screen. Then the bell rang and a minute after Alex was in my room with a shopping bag in one hand. “Well are we getting ready for the concert or not?” he asked me and began emptying the bag which contained clothes he thought about wearing. As much as I tried I just wasn’t really in the mood for the festivities and put on my Drop Dead jeans and a black tank top and over that another black cardigan.

After I knew Alex was gay I didn’t really mind him being in the room when I got dressed. He gave me a few glances when I had gotten clothes on and he even stopped to stare when I put on makeup – which consisted of black eyeliner, black eye shadow and black mascara. “Now you just need black lipstick and a crazy haircut to look like a dark witch” he pointed out sarcastically, but all I did to answer him was to fetch the darkest lipstick I got and mess up my hair. A sort of choking laughter came from him but he said no more. For a short time I just stared at my reflection and somehow I felt boney. It was true that my appetite had shrunken into almost nothing, but I didn’t think it would be that clear. The skin around my eyes was a shade darker than usual and my cheekbones stood out more clearly.

With a horrified look I put on some concealer and foundation to blend out the skinniness, but without luck. Then I fixed my hair in a normal ponytail and took off the lipstick again. Alex had gotten all quiet and the only sound in my room was the sound of me fidgeting around to get ready.


On the way Alex and I stopped by a supermarket to buy some beer. Alex only bought one and was surprised to see that I bought two. “Yeah well, I plan on getting drunk” I answered his questioning stare and opened the first one. In just a few minutes I was done with the first one and I could tell that Alex was glancing at me from time to time to check if I was ok. Then his beer was gone and we shared the last one. “Don’t worry Alex. I’m alright. I’m not the typ’a’gal that gets drunk and freaks out – I just need to loosen up for once…” I said and I could already feel the alcohol kicking in with my fingertips beginning to feel slightly numb. After that Alex relaxed and we started having a good time. We stopped another time to go buy beer and when we finally arrived the starting band, Dead By April, was already playing. We found some good spots and Alex went for another beer. While he was at the bar a guy came up to me and asked me my name. I answered flatly and tried to indicate that I didn’t want to talk to him. Suddenly one of his friends came along and began talking. They told me about themselves and asked me about who I was and which band I was here to see. At the last question I answered a bit too quick that of course I was here for Bring Me the Horizon and they just laughed as if I’d told them a joke. “Everybody knows that they’re a joke – Dead By April has far more talent than those freaks” one of the guys said and laughed even harder. I simply put my hands to my waist and stared at them while saying: “that is a matter of tastes and even though you might not like them, calling them names and racking them down isn’t gonna make you look cool – actually it only makes you seem stupid and without manners” and I knew it was impolite of me, but I was simply tired of people calling other bands or artists for freaks or stupid or whatever. Luckily for me, before the guys could answer Alex came up – beers in hand – and asked the guys if they were bothering his girlfriend whereas the guys simply left. With a sigh I hugged him and took the beer.

Then the concert started. And of course they opened up with Diamonds Aren’t Forever and the crowd went nuts. But as usual I stood nailed to the ground – completely paralyzed by Oli’s vocal and his passion for the crowd. Alex was moving like the rest of the crowd and it was first when Pray for Plagues began that I came back to earth and began screaming the lyrics like every other fan in the room. They played for an hour and during that Oli had been on top of the crowd, throwing his wooly hat around and all in all gotten really sweaty – as had the rest of the band. During the hour they played Football Season’s Over and a young boy with long black hair came on stage to scream with Oli and he looked like his biggest dream had just come true. I couldn’t help but envy him a bit, but hey; in the end I was the one who’d been chit chatting with Oli in HIS car. A thin smile crept over my face and again I stood as paralyzed by Oli’s voice. Alex gave me an elbow in the side as to wake me up. Right now I felt great and I was happy that I had come despite the situation at home.


After the concert was over we waited for almost half an hour before Curtis came out from behind the scene. The girls – and some of the guys – were over him in an instant and suddenly Alex seemed to be jealous. “Go talk to him” I said with a smile and a nod towards the crowd and the poor Curtis. With a huge thankful smile Alex went over there and I was left alone to stand in a little corner watching my best friend in action. But I didn’t mind though.

Suddenly – as if he could sense my self-pitying – Oli came and stood beside me and began watching the crowd. “I love how you always stand aside the crowd – alone and without the usual feverish fan-girl feeling” he said and I couldn’t really tell if it was a compliment, but I assumed it was in some way. We stood a little in silence and I wondered how it was even possible for him to stand here with me for so long without being discovered. “You’ve lost weight…” he noted and for a short moment I thought I heard some sort of sadness in his voice, but I guess I must have imagined it. “Is something wrong?” he asked with a frown and as an answer I simply smiled and shook my head. “No, nothing – I just have periods where I have trouble eating…” I answered a little pathetically. He nodded in understanding and began asking me about my school and again the easy chatting came on while we watched as the other band members came out to the crowd. Alex had seen us from where he was and slowly came towards us with a smile. “Nice to meet you again Oliver” he said and reached out a hand. Oli smiled and answered his gesture when suddenly a girl yelled “When is Oli coming out?!” whereas Curtis replied that he was standing here in the corner with me. Before all the girls came running Oli gave me a piece of paper and a hug and Alex pulled me with him out of the hall and outside.


When we were out of the concert hall we simply laughed a bit and made fun of all the fangirls, but after a few minutes Alex looked at me with those: you-darned-lucky-girl-eyes and asked me what Oli had given me. Slowly I unfolded my hand and found a little note inside it. With a little cough I prepared Alex that I was going to read out loud: “Dearest Shy-Girl. Send me a message, from your phone, containing your number – that way I can give you and your friend nice VIP-benefits for the next concert! XOXO Oli” and under that was a telephone number. Alex was stoked. He screamed like a real fan-girl and hugged me as if I was Oli. “You’re so fucking lucky you silly girl!” I just giggled as an answer and put the note inside my iPod cover.


When I got home the clock was around midnight, but I didn’t care – I wanted to write to Oli as the first thing before I went to sleep. I almost finished my night routine on half the time and my heart was thumbing inside my chest when I found my Sony Ericsson (the Walkman edition – of course) and typed in his number. Before I send a message I thought really hard about what to write to him, but couldn’t come up with anything better than: “Thanks for a great concert tonight. You’re the best. Best wishes/ Shy-Girl” and after pressing the send button I almost panicked and tried to cancel it, but it was too late. After that I had trouble sleeping – how could I be so stupid! He must have thought of me as some sort of moron and now he almost regrets giving me his number. For half an hour I laid, hating myself and wishing I was more clever and sophisticated. Then I fell asleep with the phone in my hand.


Next morning I woke up to a lovely message saying: “You’re always so polite – really hoped you enjoyed the show!? The guys and I are getting back to Sheffield now, you should really come sometime… Oli.” And my heart simply stopped. This was really great! I tried pinching my arm a few times just to check, but when it got red and sore I decided it was real. But what should I answer him? My heart pounded away as I tried to come up with a good answer, but nothing really hit me. It wasn’t before after breakfast that I ended up replying: “It really was great and your vocal was…Fantastic! But I have to ask; is something up with Curtis? He seemed to slack a bit in a few of your numbers… Anyway; if you really mean that you want to see me then I’d love to… Shy-Girl” and after sending it I smiled a bit – it seemed like the right thing to reply.

But the waiting for his reply was long. Very long and painful.


A few days went by before he answered and I had started growing a miserable feeling of him just joking about the visiting part, but I couldn’t spend too much time thinking about it because I had to visit my dad at the hospital and work and school. But when he replied it was short and messy. Apparently; asking about Curtis was the wrong thing to do and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. My mum told me that I worried too much and that it was probably only band-stuff and she was actually really helpful about all of this. Though she seemed a bit judgmental when I showed her pictures of him, but it was only because of his semi-long hair and all the tattoos on his chest and one arm, but I told her about him and how he was the few times we’d met and she agreed to let me befriend him. And after a few messages more he seemed to clear up. Now we only texted about everyday stuff like my school and actually we didn’t talk much about his job in the band and at Drop Dead. Every time I tried asking into it he began talking about something else. Though I didn’t pry and tried to avoid it, I could sense something wrong.


One evening I sat home alone. Alex was at a cousin’s party and my parents at the hospital. Actually I didn’t mind being alone for once. My mum had given me money to shop dinner for and I had ordered take-out sushi and was prepared to eat it with a nice chick-flick movie with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway when suddenly the door rang. The rain was pouring and I couldn’t stop but wonder who it was – I already had my food and I didn’t expect anybody else to come. Then I just shrugged and went to the door. Before opening it I thought about how I was only in my pink PJ-pants and a black tank-top with no bra and a messy hair. Then I opened it and outside was nobody else but a quite wet Oli looking at me with his dark brown eyes and a sad look shining in them, but a slightly crooked smile on his lips.

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