Bring Me The Horizon

All in this story is fiction. Nothing is taken from reality (except the band of course and their names and looks), but all the concerts are made up and everything that happens is made up. Also I do not own Bring Me The Horizon or any of their work. It is simply just fiction.
Enjoy :)


4. Drop Dead may give surprises

Finally it was Saturday. I got up early because the trip to London was long. When I got down to get breakfast I saw a note on the fridge from my mum. Apparently she was at my grandma’s place for the rest of the day and my dad was at work. Under that she had hung 50 pounds for me to spend in London. Sometimes I just loved my parents.

With a big smile on my face I ate a sandwich with peanut butter and chocolate cream, but I was out the door within the hour.

In the train I sat listening to their newest album Suicide Season and got all thrilled about it already. After listening to it two times I had already decided that Chelsea Smile was my favorite song.

Finally the train arrived at London train station and I got out into the chilly weather. Now I just had to take a bus to Regent Street and walk from there to the store. The time was now half past twelve and I would be at Kingly Street around one o’clock.

I was sure glad that I had remembered my umbrella because the rain was pouring on the way from Regent Street to the store and when I came, the store looked empty except from the shop assistant – who looked really nice with normal brown hair, glasses and a lip piercing – and two customers, a black haired girl and a pink haired boy. As soon as I got in I folded my umbrella and shoved it into my backpack. The assistant smiled at me and went back to helping the other customers. They left shortly after leaving me and the assistant alone in the store.

“Please let me know if I’m able to help you with something” she said – still smiling politely. I nodded at her – still a little shy. Quickly I looked through their jeans and almost screamed when I found their Signature Denim jeans exactly in my size. After that I found a lime green t-shirt with their logo on. And some shorts and another t-shirt and then a hoodie and a sweater with turtleneck and when I couldn’t have more in my arms I looked apologetic at the shop assistant. “Uhm… How much may I bring in the dressing room?” I asked and she simply giggled and stretched out her arms. “Just let me see what ya got and then you can bring all” she replied and I couldn’t help but find her accent funny. After that I went directly to the dressing room to try out different outfits together. The clothes really fit fantastic around my body and a cheesy smile crept over my lips when I looked at myself.

Then – as I was trying out the sweater and only having it over my arms about to pull it over my head – something weird happened. The doorbell rang and I heard a very familiar voice speak: “Hi Tessa. Just gotta handoff these boxes and then I’m outta the door ‘gain” – I couldn’t believe it. I mean: what are the freaking odds for this?! One in a billion? Without even thinking a second about it I ripped the curtain aside and stared directly at the person. I was right it was nobody else but Oliver Scott Sykes himself. In deep surprise he looked back at me and suddenly began laughing. “Now that’a face I’ll never forget!” he said and put the boxes down. A huge smile swept over my face, but at the same moment I realized that I still hadn’t gotten the shirt over my head and stood flashing my black bra with pink pandas on it. My eyes widened and his laugh became louder. In one quick movement I got the shirt over my head while pulling the curtain in front of myself and then I just stepped back in horror. I was still wearing the Signature Denim jeans and just began shaking from the awkwardness.

“Arh, sorry – you don’t have to be shy” he said and I could hear in his tone that he was still smiling. Slowly I pulled the curtains aside and my face was redder than a tomato. I bowed my head a little so that he wouldn’t see, but all he did was to walk towards me and give me his hand. “Hi again shy girl. Do you like my clothes?” he asked with a friendlier smile and I shook his hand politely.

“I-I.. Yeah I really love it” I finally said and he just nodded. The assistant looked at us with a puzzled stare, but Oli just waved his hand. “I’m sorry, but I gotta buy this” I said and pulled all of the clothes out of the dressing room. Having him see how much I was buying was a bit embarrassing, but in the end I thought: well the money goes to him so… the assistant wrapped all the clothes into four bags with the lovely logo on them. After paying I just looked at Oli and I couldn’t help but notice how fucking hot he was – his hair tousled and the tattoo next to his eye was perfect – and new! He was wearing a long-sleeved black t-shirt saying “Steel City’s Finest” and it was as if it was made for his body – tight and showing some of his body-texture under it. Ending that thought; my heart skipped a beat and suddenly I was eager to get out of the store into the fresh air. “So, where’re you goin’ to shygirl?” he asked curiously and I just shrugged. Actually I didn’t know myself: maybe I wanted to see some of London or maybe I just wanted to go home? He looked at me with puzzled eyes and then smiled. “You really are a strange girl. Oh well, if you’re going anywhere near Manchester or around there I might as well take you. It’s pourin’ shitz out there and they had to cancel lot of the trains. Plus I’m going to Sheffield anyway…” he said and looked out the window. A yellow Smart car was just outside the window otherwise the street was empty. I thought about the opportunity I just got. Oli was truly a polite person.

“Uh… Well… I guess…” he looked at me and it seemed like he really hoped for me to say yes. Why not? I mean it would take less time than with the train plus I wouldn’t get soaked. “’Kay… Thank you” I ended up answering and again I won one of his lovely smiles. I looked back at the assistant, Tessa, who seemed to be quietly murdering me and sending me evil stares, but Oli didn’t notice and just opened the door for me. “Let’s go shygirl – I’m glad you said yes because I could really use the company” he said and we both went outside.


In the car we both went silent as if our mouths had been shut by magic. The silence was really awkward and I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask Oli about the band, their music and stuff, but I didn’t want to seem like a stupid fan-girl either. I tried to keep telling myself how stupid I was for thinking like that because Oli was just a normal person like anybody else so why was it so hard for me to talk to him? Suddenly he turned into a parking lot in front of a Starbucks.

“I’ma grab some coffee… let me guess: normal latte with sugar?” he asked halfway out of the car and I was just about to protest, but then he just smiled that gorgeous smile of his, knocking the breath out of me, and said: “that it is” and left the car.

As soon as he was out of sight I grabbed my phone and texted Alex: “In car w. Oli Sykes. Call ya later” and shoved it down my pockets again. My hands felt quite cold after that and I tucked them in the sleeves of my sweater. Wait a second… Sweater? I wore a hoodie on the way out… of… FUCK! The panic rose inside me and I almost began crying, but then Oli showed up and jumped into the car, his hair, face and clothes slightly wet from the rain, and he passed the latte towards me. “Someone bit you?” he asked and took a sip of his own coffee. Wildly I shook my head and held the cup between my hands.

“I-I’m so sorry Oli! I’m really sorry, but… I just realized that I forgot paying for these jeans and this shirt” I stuttered while pointing on the jeans and the shirt. I felt awful and wanted to run away crying in shame. But he simply smiled and shook his head. “Never mind. Where’re your own clothes?” he asked with a lifted eyebrow and I simply couldn’t believe him. He was like the nicest guy I had ever met. With a shaky voice I explained that I must have forgotten them back in the store and I swore three times that I would pay him back. His only answer was a stunning smile and then he called the store to get the assistant to wrap up my clothes and send them to my address after work. After that we went silent again.

A few minutes after that he asked me about my family and I responded out of habit and told him about my mum and dad and my friends and after 20 minutes I realized how I had just been talking about myself and how impolite I had been so I just shut up instantly without notice. He glanced at me puzzled, but it felt nice to talk to him. “So Oli I uhm.. I was thinking how is Tom and your family?” he chuckled a bit and told me that Tom was working at Drop Dead and sometimes he helped Oli compose and write lyrics and then he told me that his mum was living the good life in Sheffield, in a big fancy house and all, together with his dad. The way he told me about his mum made me giggle. The rest of the way home we simply chit chatted and the atmosphere was really nice – like if we just clicked together.

When we were nearly home I couldn’t help but say: “wow… My best friend Alex will NEVER believe this” and right after saying that I felt ashamed of speaking loudly, but Oli nodded with an understanding smile. “Alex was the guy that asked me to talk to you at the concert, right? Well let’s take a picture or two for him” he stated and stopped the car. It felt embarrassing to pull out my phone and lean over to him. We were actually so close that I could feel his breathe on my neck. With all my might I tried not to blush and I really hoped that he wouldn’t hear my heart thumbing, but the first picture went off and after that the next and then Oli began making weird faces and then we both made weird faces and all of a sudden I had about 20 pictures on my phone with Oli. It was really fun. “Ah, we better get going” he said and started the engine again. I nodded with a huge smile on my face. Who could ever believe this? No one would ever believe that I had just spent an hour and a half having fun in Oliver Sykes’ car.

Right before I went out of the car he grabbed my arm and looked at me with a weird look on his face. “Will I see you at the next concert?” just the fact that he would ever ask me such a stupid question made me laugh. “Of course you will, silly!” then we both giggled and after that he said: “it was really nice talking to you shygirl – and nice to hear you talk! Have a blasted evenin’ and we’ll be seein’ each other.”


When he drove off I waved at him and ran immediately upstairs to scream into my pillow. When I couldn’t breathe anymore I found my phone and saw that I had 7 messages and 10 missed calls. With a huge smile on my face and a dreamy look in my eyes I called Alex and told him everything.

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