Bring Me The Horizon

All in this story is fiction. Nothing is taken from reality (except the band of course and their names and looks), but all the concerts are made up and everything that happens is made up. Also I do not own Bring Me The Horizon or any of their work. It is simply just fiction.
Enjoy :)


2. A sudden meeting at the café


It’s been a few months since the last concert, but I was already looking forward for the next. They sure had a tight schedule this year with two concerts in England and touring through the rest of Europe. But this second concert in England was without Machinehead. It would be 3rd of October and the last concert of the year for them.


In the meantime I had practiced my none existing charisma through steps online and my boss (my mother’s friend at the café) told me that I had improved slightly. Summer was also coming up which meant; Leeds festival. Also Alex had his birthday soon and I had bought him a festival ticket because he couldn’t come last year. Other than that I had spent a lot of money buying band-merch and then Oli had his own clothing company called Drop Dead, which made awesome clothes.

But as I said; Leeds was coming up and I was beginning to prepare for the festival. I was also working extra time because I needed a lot of money for this summer which meant that I didn’t have that much time to spend with my friends, but they all came down almost every day to chat at the café.

“So Alex, are you gonna throw a big birthday party?” Aleen asked looking at him with eyes that said all about her feelings for him. I had a 10 minutes break at the moment and sat at the usual table with my friends, Aleen, Alex, Nodger and Jean, while drinking a coffee-slush – my favorite. Alex took a sip from his slush while thinking about the question. “Uhm.. Well I don’t know yet – I mean I could have a big one inviting the whole school, but I’m just not the type of person to invite people I don’t know…” I agreed with him on that, but I really shouldn’t be talking – I hadn’t held a party myself when I turned 18. Aleen sighed and looked a bit disappointed when Nodger suddenly clasped his hand in the table: “I know what we’re gonna do! You’re gonne hold a party, invite all your friends – well which means us and.. Quill and Hung? – well then we can invite some of our friends that you might not know and it will be a friend–get together?” the talking started around the table and we all agreed that it sounded like a good idea. After that my break was over and they all went home.

It was not long before the coffee shop closed and I was about to wash the last tables when some guys came in looking really tired. Slowly I went back to the counter with a sigh and Miranda (my boss) came out with a tight mouth when she saw the men – all in their twenties. One of them – a broad-shouldered type who seemed to look a bit choppy (in a good way) with red hair and sunglasses – came up to me and took off his glasses and that was the moment I realized: this guy was Danny Worsnop himself! Instantly I froze and stared at him in a freaky way, but my boss poked me in the side with an elbow and went to the kitchen.

“Uh-uhm.. How may I help You?” I studdered, but shook off the awkwardness to give a proper expedition – after all: they were custommers.

“Can we just get two cans of coffee to the table? Extra strong and without milk or sugar” he answered with a rock-kindof voice that made me smile a bit. I nodded and turned around to the coffee machine and started pouring coffee beans into the cruncher when he made a whistling noise that made me turn around and stare at him. “’Ey love, you look quite the hotty in those jeans and that apron!” he said with a cheesy smile that made my cheeks flush with embarrassment and anger. But I tried not to be impolite – though he sure didn’t care about his own impoliteness.

“Thank you, but to be frank: that was rather rude. Even though I’m a huge fan of you I won’t jump you just for staring at my arse!” I said in a flat tone and turned around to grab the cans of coffee when the guys at the table began whistling and hooting.

“Take tha’ one Danny!” they yelped and suddenly Miranda came out with a stressful look. I smiled apologetic at her and went to the table with the coffee and some cups. “I’m sorry if you thought I was being impolite… I was just trying to be frank about your pretty looks” he replied in a nice tone. With a thin smile I looked at him – he really did seem to be sorry. “No worries – thank you for the compliment” the guys began chatting normally while I was cleaning the coffee machine, but as I went to the door to turn the “open” sign to “closed” they all went silent. Ben Bruce stood up from his chair and looked at me. I smiled tiredly back at him and went back to the counter.

“I’m really sorry miss, if we’re being a bother to you, but your coffee is really great. And Danny sure learned a lesson about how to talk to a normal lady who isn’t a humping fan” he said and even bowed for me. In a bit of a shock I tried to reply, but just found myself saying: “apology accepted”. He sat back down and drank up as all the guys emptied their cups and Ben went to me to pay. Suddenly Miranda came out from the kitchen and stared at Bens half open shirt with a frown while her eyes moved to his tattoos. “Jessica, do you know any of these men?” Miranda spoke in a flat tone as if she thought I was about to get into trouble. I made a little noise as if to laugh, but chose wisely to try not to. “Miranda these are all the bandmembers of Asking Alexandria” I replied and gestured towards them. Suddenly they all took a proud pose as if we were photographing them for a poster or something when Miranda smiled and said: “aha…But they are quite noisy and it’s past closing time!” she said with a strict tone and all the guys apologized – this was actually quite funny in an unbelieving way. Then a question hit me and I had to ask: “’scuse me – but why are you even in Leeds?” I asked and raised an eyebrow. Danny just looked at me with a silly expression, but again it was Ben to answer. “We’re playing a concert in about 3 hours – how come you don’t know?” he asked and looked like he really couldn’t understand that I didn’t know. Suddenly Miranda looked from me to the guys and smiled a dashing smile – showing her Colgate-white teeth between lips covered in a daring red lipstick.

“Jessie – if this is a band you like and listen to… then why not have a picture with them? Your friends might not believe you, you know” she said and all the boys nodded and exclaimed that it was an excellent idea. I simply shook my head and tried to get my hair to cover my red cheeks, but she pushed me forward where Ben and Danny grabbed my wrists and then the flash from a camera lit…

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