Bring Me The Horizon

All in this story is fiction. Nothing is taken from reality (except the band of course and their names and looks), but all the concerts are made up and everything that happens is made up. Also I do not own Bring Me The Horizon or any of their work. It is simply just fiction.
Enjoy :)


3. A party, a festival and a confession

The photo was horrible. The band posed like idiots and I stood with a horrified look while being held in place by Ben and Danny who looked like they would eat my brains. But Alex was jealous and Aleen still stated it was photoshopped. With a sigh I took it out of Alex’ hands and taped it to my full-body mirror while looking at myself with a blank expression. My eyes stared at the pale average body in the mirror, but quickly I shook my head and turned around to my friends.

“So everything is planned, right Alex?” Aleen asked while she was fixing her nails and texting with some of her friends. “Yeah, pretty much as it is. I just need to know who’s gonna come – y’know their names and stuff. Just for safety because of my mum… she’s kinda worried about it so my dad will be checking them all in..” he said and seemed to be embarrassed about it. Aleen and I just nodded in agreement – checking who will be coming was a good idea.

I booted on my computer and looked through my friends-list on Facebook and tried to find someone to invite, but the only person I could think of was my cousin Maureen and she would fit completely in with Aleen and Nodger – so in the end I ended up texting her while Aleen was trying not to flirt openly with Alex who didn’t seem to notice at all.

After that we sat down and planned who was going to buy what sort of alcohol and when we would hit the pub at the party.


The day before Alex’ big party Aleen, Maureen and I went to Manchester to buy some clothes and the last alcohol for the big night. As I had been thinking Maureen and Aleen fit together as hot chocolate and whipped cream. While they were chatting I walked a few feet behind watching the tall well-shaped girl who was my friend chatting happily with the smaller and thinner girl who was my cousin. Somehow it made me happy that all my friends could be friends together – because then I didn’t have to exclude any of them from anything. Suddenly Maureen made a huge whine and Aleen did the same while I was looking like a huge question.

“Jess! JESS! We HAVE to go in here! It’s like.. It’s like a Bluebanana ( – homepage for alternative clothing) store – just bigger and in real life!” they both giggled and went inside.

It was true. This building contained everything they had on the bluebanana homepage – and more. In the end they both convinced me that I should buy a black and purple dress that was a bit too short, but really pretty. It looked great on me even though I still thought it was too short and when they both insisted on me buying it. Other than that we bought some booze, shoes and they both bought sets consisting of shorts and see-through tops with black bras.


At the night of the party Aleen and Maureen came to my place to get together and as soon as they came they shut off Pray for Plagues by Bring Me The Horizon and Maureen put on a song by Kanye West instead. They giggled together and began doing each other’s hair. With a low sigh I started putting on eye shadow – glittering purple in the corner and black from the crease to the purple. I lined my eyes and put on mascara. Nothing more was really needed. To finish up I chose a light rose colored lipstick which I dubbed a few times on my lips to give them just a hint of colour.

“Ooooh Jessy! You’ll get too pretty!” Maureen said with an honest expression. “Will you do my makeup too?” I smiled shyly and nodded.


The party was already started when we came, but Alex didn’t grump at all that we were late – he was just pleased that we came and he gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek which made both Maureen and Aleen quite jealous. After that they gave him their presents – a CD and a shirt with Black Veil Brides which made him really happy, but when he didn’t get anything for me he just shrugged and went to the bar. A smile crept over my face and I went with him to get some alcohol. The booze was doing its work faster than I realized so after the first few glasses of Captain Morgan and his best friend Coca Cola I decided that it was time for my prepared speech before we all got too drunk.

Aleen fetched me a chair and Marueen hit the glass. Phew, the butterflies started to sing in my stomach.

“Dear Alex!

I’ve known you for a looooong time now! I even remember when the both of us ran through your garden in diapers trying to eat butterflies.  You’ve always been my best friend. I love you mate!

You might’ve thought by now: why havn’t Jess gott’n me a present already? And here’s why: I bought you an entrance ticket to the Leeds festival so this year we can go together!” I nearly danced from excitement as I held up the festival ticket and when Alex saw it he made a screaming sound and leaped towards me – pushed me off the chair and hugged me as we both fell to the ground. Luckily I was prepared and made sure I didn’t hit my head on the hard floor. “You’re the best Jess!” he kept yelling at me.


Later that evening Maureen and Aleen had a fight over Alex because apparently they both had a crush on him. It was no big deal – Maureen just went back to my place and even though I should have felt obliged to go with her I stayed and all of us went to the pub. Nodger gave the first round because he was the one with all the money and the mood was high in the crowd and I wasn’t home before 5.00 in the morning.


Summer vacation went fast and so did the Leeds festival. I met a lot of new people and saw a lot of great bands, but I was actually more focused on the upcoming Bring Me The Horizon concert. It was as if my mind only wanted to see them, but I tried to focus as much as possible. Alex had a great time there and we got drunk a lot through the festival and he seemed to loosen up a bit which made me see a totally different version of him. Actually I found out something odd about his sexuality. I mean: I’ve always known that something was odd about him and dating, but here I got to really realize that Alex was in fact gay. I didn’t tell him that I knew because I wanted him to come clean himself. Actually I found it kind of cute – him liking boys and all – and I think we both shared a secret love for Oli Sykes because we both used to drool over pictures of him.

But summer vacation was now over and my senior year was starting. For the first time this year I hadn’t been spending half of my vacation preparing for school which made my mum and dad checking on me a lot, but they didn’t say much. Actually I had spent most of my vacation working so my bank account was now full of money which was great because I planned on going all the way to London to visit the only real Drop Dead store and get all their new clothes. I wanted to be as prepared as possible for the concert coming up.


“So when are we going?” Alex looked at me with a smile. I had just told him about my plan on going to London and he was already stoked on the idea. “Well… I planned on going Saturday next week..” I said chewing on a macaroni.

We were in my kitchen eating mac and cheese while staring out on the rain. It was Sunday afternoon and Alex had stayed over for the night. Most of the night we watched chick flick movies and Game of Thrones while eating popcorn and drinking homemade strawberry daiquiris’ and after we got tired of that we just talked and talked for almost the whole night. And Alex had finally come clean to me about his sexuality:


“Sweetest, prettiest little darling Jess! Or Jessie.. whichever you prefer, love!” he started with a hint of drunkness in his voice. I giggled and took another sip of my daiquiri while looking at him. His black hair was a mess and his greenish eyes were swimming around. He looked kind of funny when he was drunk. Then I looked into the mirror and saw that my – supposed to be mahogany red hair – looked kind of a mess too. “Beautiful… I have something important to tell you and it’s kinda a big deal…” he took in a deep breath and then just said it. For a moment I just looked at him trying to be just a bit surprised, but I didn’t succeed. “I’m sorry bud, but I already knew that… I found out on the festival…” he was surprised, but then he just shrugged and drank some more.


“Aw man! My cousin’s havin’ a birthday party that day!” he blurted out and looked devastated. I gave him a cheering smile and then just dug into my mac and cheese.

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