Being the One and Only (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Jessica and her best friend Ashley have meet and greet tickets for a one direction concert at the O2 Arena. On their way the One Direciton tour bus passes them and they are so mesmorised that they swerve in the car and hit the tour bus. Louis starts falling for Jessica and Harry starts falling for Ashley. Will it be unrequited love or will it blossom into something special and will they be able to handle all the hate that will hit them?


5. On my way to the best time of my life!

Ashley's P.O.V

Today was the day that all my dreams come true. Today is the day I meet one direction!

I can imagine them, singing infront of everyone like "yeah im so cool!" but they don't boast! They're really nice lads. No wonder that EVERYONE likes them.

"Jess, you ready yet?" I called up the stairs for jess to come down, she walked down the stairs looking beautiful. She was wearing a hot pink tank top, faded short shorts and baby blue high tops. She had pulled her hair into a tight bun exept for a few strands which she had curled at the front. Jess had only put on a bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

Simple, but gorgeous.

"Ready!" Jess replied looking me in the eye like she was about to jump on me and scream 'we're going to see one direction and meet them aswell!'

"Lets go then!" I screamed, "We don't want to be late to the concert!"

We got into the car and started driving when a big tour bus came driving past us, with five hot faces on it. OH MY GOD! It was one direction! I looked over at Jess who was driving and realised that she had seen it too!

Everything happened so quickly.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Jess screamed as we swerved on the road round and round, we then hit the tour bus. Oh dear, we could die or worse kill a member of one direction.


Oh dear.


Louis' P.O.V

We were rehersing 'Kiss You' when it hit us, literally, we felt a crash into the side of the tour bus and then we toppled over, ontop of another car. There were so many exits in the bus so we got out easily. We ran over to the people who had been in the car, they were all bruised and covered in blood.

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