Being the One and Only (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Jessica and her best friend Ashley have meet and greet tickets for a one direction concert at the O2 Arena. On their way the One Direciton tour bus passes them and they are so mesmorised that they swerve in the car and hit the tour bus. Louis starts falling for Jessica and Harry starts falling for Ashley. Will it be unrequited love or will it blossom into something special and will they be able to handle all the hate that will hit them?


10. ~A/N~


Hey guys!


So it's been a while but I'm back, but unfortunately will not be continuing this story. I am now 15 and feel like starting a new one would be better than tying up any loose ends on this one, so that's exactly what I've done! I have a new story out called 'Best Friends?' and it's a Calum Hood fan fiction, so go check it out! Here is the blurb:


The year is 2010. Layla Smith, a 14 year old girl from Sydney, Australia, has a best friend, Calum Hood. Her life is perfect through everyone's eyes, but a move to the UK will change all that.


So there it is! Go check it out.


~ Kata



The year is 2015. Layla is working as a music producer for Capitol Records and has a new client. But who is it? And will everything be the same as before?


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