Being the One and Only (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Jessica and her best friend Ashley have meet and greet tickets for a one direction concert at the O2 Arena. On their way the One Direciton tour bus passes them and they are so mesmorised that they swerve in the car and hit the tour bus. Louis starts falling for Jessica and Harry starts falling for Ashley. Will it be unrequited love or will it blossom into something special and will they be able to handle all the hate that will hit them?


1. Getting the tickets

Today's the day. I hover my mouse over the buy ticket button for tickets to see one direction, when it counted down i was getting too exited, it was at a minute. I got a text from Ashley, my best friend saying.

From: Ash <3: Are you gonna get 1D tickets? x

To: Ash <3: Hopefully! x

I sent the text and turn back to the computer i spam clicked the BUY button but it said SOLD OUT! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! NONONONONONONONO THIS CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME! I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a nightmare. I opened my eyes again and it still said SOLD OUT.

From: Ash <3: Did you get some? x

To: Ash <3: NO! It said sold out! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Soooooooooooooooo annoyed! D: x

From: Ash <3: I did :D! I got two! Wanna come? ;) x

To: Ash <3: PLEASE!?!?!?!? X

From: Ash <3: Yes! They're meet and greet! x

To: Ash <3: OMG! x

I slumped down on my bed and called mum.

"Hi mum!" I said.

"Hi darling! Did you get the tickets?" She asked.

"No! I was so annoyed. But Ash got two meet and greets and she wants me to go with her!"

"WOW! When is it?" She asked.

"The day that i was going to go! The 1st April!" I said with exitement.

"Oh good, so you can go!"

"See you later mum meeting up with Ash! Love you bye!"

Today was the best day of my life!


*authors note*

Sorry for the short chapter!

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