Love at first... voice?

Louise is an ordenary 16 year old teenage girl, brunette hair, blue eyes, skinny (not extremly) and sporty. She attends Cardinal Gibbons High School in Mullingar, Ireland!... One day, her brother Niall comes home from school with his mates. Noticing one particular boy, who was tall, with curly hair smiling at her at school, Louise thinks nothing of it until she hears a strong, deep English voice coming from her garage.. will she fall hard for the tall, curly haired bad boy?


6. The Truth

Louises POV:
Me and Harry were snuggled up cutely with his arm around my waist and me snuggles into his chest. "Woah, this is really sad!" Harry said, his beautiful green eyes glistening from the tears. " Aww Harry dont cry, its just a movie!" I said sympithetically wiping a single tear off his cheek, it was so cute how he got upset, of course him being a male h was trying to hide that he was upset, but i didnt mind i liked this side of him.
After the movie finished we both went up to bed, I decided i would sleep in Gemma's room because she wasnt going to be here for the night. The thought of Harry being in the room next to me, excited me, or the fact that I would be seeing him in the morning OR the fact that he might be thinking of me too excited me too. I was half asleep thinking about Harry and Is future until i heard quite footsteps and then a knock at my door. I kneeled on my elbows telling Harry to come in, part of me was happy that he was knocking on my door and the other part was nervour that he would want to do stuff with me, if you know what i mean. To be honest, i think i am too young to be doing that sort of stuff, " Come in?" i giggled. The door creaked open, to reveal a toned naked, with breifs on of course, Harry Styles. "Yes" I giggled flirtatiously.
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