Love at first... voice?

Louise is an ordenary 16 year old teenage girl, brunette hair, blue eyes, skinny (not extremly) and sporty. She attends Cardinal Gibbons High School in Mullingar, Ireland!... One day, her brother Niall comes home from school with his mates. Noticing one particular boy, who was tall, with curly hair smiling at her at school, Louise thinks nothing of it until she hears a strong, deep English voice coming from her garage.. will she fall hard for the tall, curly haired bad boy?


3. New Meetings

Louise's POV:
The boys stopped singing, all staring at me. I walked out of the doorway " I just wanted a drink, sorry" I said, grabbing a drink from the fridge, "do you boys want one?" I asked for an excuse to talk to them, they were pretty cute! NOT my brother though. They all nodded, i asked them what they wanted and handed the drinks to them. "I'm Louise,by the way!" I smiled hoping for a return in what their names where! The curly one stepped forward, smiling! "I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He said, obviosly wanting to introduce himself first! "And this is Lou and Zayn, but i think you have met Liam" He said, pretty happy with himself. "Hi" I blushed and giggled. "Well have fun practising" I smiled and walked back inside. I heard the boys start to sing again.

"You can see Taylor Swift, in Dublin, Ireland this Saturday at Dubin Shopping Centre. Call 567-8944 For More Infomation." The TV blared out at me. " Dinner, oh Lou can you please tell the boys that dinner is ready!?" Mum called. "Yep!" I replied jumping up to the fact that Nialls friends were going to be having dinner with us.
Opening the door to the garage i saw the boys all sitting down talking, about someone " Hahaha, yeah shes pretty hot! She looked so pretty today!" Harry said, i instantly felt stabbed at the fact that i thought he might like me! I am so stupid. "Umm... Wheres Niall?" I said noticing he wasnt with them. Harry looked shocked to see me, that hurt. "Oh, he went to his room to get his laptop to show up something. I nodded "well dinner is ready!" I said, annoyed and walked to the dining room, Niall wasn already sitting down.

Harrys POV:
Me and the boys had been practasing for hours and we were actually getting pretty good, Louise came in telling us that dinner was really, i was shocked to see her, cause i was just talking to the boys what i thought about her and how beautiful I thought she was, he hair fell perfectly off her shoulder and those jeans looked amazing on her! She seemed annoyed though. I sat down at the table and waited for her to sit down, it was Zayn, Louis and me opposite Liam Niall and Nialls Mum, and Louise at the end down my side, i was so happy to be sitting next to her. We ate dinner having a good laugh. Niall's mum invited us to stay the night, we all agreed by Zayn said he couldn't because he had to drop his sisters off at their school because his mum had to work early and couldn't. After dinner Louise disapeared for about 30 minutes, when she got back she look adorable, she was wearing her pajamas, i think, with a cute robe that went mid thigh with blue stripes on it. She walked down the stairs, drying her brown hair with a towel gently. I could defininatly get used to sleeping over here.

Louises POV:
After i had a shower, i walked down stairs drying my hair, i sat down on the couch next to Liam and was talking about what subjects he had and what teachers he had. Out of the corner of my eye I felt like Harry was looking at me every couple of seconds. "Shhh.. Love Acctually's back on" Niall said putting a finger up to his mouth looking at me and Liam. I was dosing off to sleep and disided i would go to bed. "Night." I said to everyone, kissing Niall and Mums cheecks and went upstairs. I started to brush my teeth when i heard footsteps coming closer to the bathroom, Harry turned his head round the corner. "Hey" he said cutely. I smiled coldly with the tooth brush still in my mouth. "Are you alright?" Harry said walking in to the bathroom sitting on the bench next to the basin. I spat out the toothpaste, trying to look half decent while doing it. "I'm Fine. Why?" i said walking towards my room, he followed. "Well you were happy before and now your acting strange. I got into bed while Harry sat on the end on the bed. "Harry... " i said wondering if i should tell him.. He moved closer to me and lifted my head up with one hand by my chin. He looked at my lips and leant in closer, and closer, and closer. I was getting chills up my spine. "Ummm.. am i interupting..?" Louis said walking in, Harry sighed looking at him. "YES!" He said pissed off. "Oh well im going to bed night." Good Night Lou! Now Fuck Off!!" Louis just giggled and walked out of my room! Harry looked at me and hugged me! Just as he was about to walk out, i stopped him "Harry wait!..." I dont know why i did, but i just wanted to see those adorable Green eyes one more time before i went to sleep. " Nothing.. nevermind" i smiled, he walked out leaving me with a wink of despear.

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