Love at first... voice?

Louise is an ordenary 16 year old teenage girl, brunette hair, blue eyes, skinny (not extremly) and sporty. She attends Cardinal Gibbons High School in Mullingar, Ireland!... One day, her brother Niall comes home from school with his mates. Noticing one particular boy, who was tall, with curly hair smiling at her at school, Louise thinks nothing of it until she hears a strong, deep English voice coming from her garage.. will she fall hard for the tall, curly haired bad boy?


4. Late Night Fun.

~Friday 12.00~
Louise's POV:
"I'm so glad tomorrow is Saturday! Its the first week of school and i'm already sick of it, hehe!" I explained to Adelaide. "I know right, we should do something?" Adelaide said, I agreed. Lucia was having the day off today because her brother was coming home from America. Ever since Harry and I had that moment in my room, he's all I have been thinking about, I manged to get his number from Nialls phone when he left it in the kitchen, while he was having a shower, I was so happy he didn't have a passcode. So me and Harry have been talking non-stop since even when we were in class.
*Quack Quack*
My phone rang, I looked up at the teacher to see if she noticed, turning my phone on silent so she wouldnt hear "Is that Hazza?" Lucia whispered, still looking at the board acting like she was paying attention. I nodded and giggled, because she asked that every time i got a message.
From Harry: Whats up good looking?
To Harry: not much, bored as hell! :(
From Harry: Aww, I wish I could be there to cheer you up :(
To Harry: Me too :(

*Ding Ding*
I started to pack up my stuff when my teacher Ms. Yan called me over "Louise, can i please see you" I mouthed to Lucia to wait for me outside the class room. I walked to the front of the class, wondering what she could possibly want, i had'nt done anything wrong, well not that i know of. "Sit down please." I took a seat as she also took one at her desk. "Louise, I have told you constintly NOT to use your phone in class, but you still do it. What could possibly going through your mind that is more important that English."She exclaimed as she also raised her voice. 'Harry' I thought, as i shrugged my shoulders, "well this is your last warning or im going to give you a detention and take it off you for the day!!!" I nodded and walked out of the class room. "Well what happened?!" Lucia said looking concerned. I just shrugged, "The usual" I said as we walked to our locker.

~3.30P.M.~ at home~
From Harry: What are you doing tonight?
To Harry: Nothing, lets hang?
From Harry: Sounds good! Wanna come to mine, my mum and Robin are out for the night, so its just me and my sister but she doesn't give a shit!
To Harry: Awesome ill be over around... 5.30?
From Harry: see you then beautiful!
Me and Harry wern't dating but we liked each other! The only problem is Niall wont be happy if he finds out that we like each other, hes way to protective of me!

I started to back my bag, I wasn't sure if i was stay the night. But i packed it just to be safe. I just put on some trackys and a jumper, with my all black converses.
"Louise? where are you going?" mum said, looking at all my stuff.
"I'm staying at Adelaides tonight to do a project." I said lying so mum wouldn't tell Niall or worse, give me the 'Use Protection' or 'Dont do anything too bad!' speech. The good thing about mum is she doesn't really care if i have sex, or have a boyfriend all though i have never had either, but she just wants me to do stuff safely.
"Okay hun, do you want me to drop you off?" "Nah its alright ill walk" I said walking out the door. "Bye Mum, Love you!" i yelled back at her. Luckly Harrys house was just around the corner so it only took me about 20 minutes to wlk, but i had my iPod to listen to.
When i arrived, i knocked on the door to be suprised, by a brunette, brown eyed, pretty looking girl. "Hi, you must be Louise? Im Gemma!" She said holding out her hand. I shook it and walked in shutting the door, when Harry was walking down the stairs. "Lou, Hey love!" He said hugging me tightly. "Hey Hazza!" I said smiling. He showed me to his room so i could put my stuff in there. " I was thinking we could watch a movie later or go for a swim?" He said, I nodded excitedly. " Are you hungry?" "Yeah, Why dont we cook something together?" I suggested. He nodded exceedingly. We headed downstairs to the kitchen, Harry was searching through the cupboard when Gemma walked in. "Im going to a party, DONT, tell Mum please, I probably wont be coming home either. We said our goodbyes, and continued looking. "Pancakes?" He said, holding up a Shake Mixture. "YUM!!!" I said smiling happily. we started cooking, i decided to be cheeky and threw some powder in his hair. "Hey Missy" he said, throwing some at my face "ohh" I grabbed an egg and smashed it on his head "HAAHHAHA!!" I laughed. He grabbed me by the waist, i tryed to escape but he was too strong for me to get out. He turned me around and lifted me up on the benchtop. I held his head up with my hands, while his arms were around my waist. He looked deep into my eye, and i was doing the exact same.

Harry's POV:
I looked deep into her eyes, wondering wether i should kiss her or not. "Loui-" I said, but being quickly cut off when she planted her lips on mine. The kiss, wasn't one i had felt before is was Sweet and Amazing, it started to get deeper and more passionate. I pulled apart and smiled at her. She returned the smile, " I have an idea," I said, she looked at me biting her lip "yeah?" "Lets go for a late night swim?" i winked at her, she looked dissapointed. "I didn't bring my bathers." "Thats alright, just go in your bra and undies?" she nodded and ran outside stripping off. I ran after her and jumped in with my boxers on. I picked her up bridal style and jumped in. She scream and came up for air as did I. I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her up by her bum, she had her legs wrapped around my waisted and i kissed her passionatly again, but this time deeper and better than the last. This time is had sparks. She ran her tounge along my bottom lip asking for entrance, i opened my mouth and felt her tounge go wild in my mouth, i walked over to the egde of the pool and pushed her up against the wall, I released desperate for breath, i moved down to her neck and kissed up down from her coller bone and her jaw, every couple of seconds she would moan loudly, she ran her fingers threw my hair and scratched it gently up and down. "SHHHHH!!!!" we heard someone yell out to us. She burst out laughing and so did I. We decided to go inside and watch a movie. We sat on the couch and I put on 'The Notebook'. I wrapped my arm around her waist and her cuddling into my chest. I gently kissed her forehead. I didn't want this night to end.

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