Assorted Poems

A collection of my poems :)


3. The Abhorsen's Bells

First we start with Ranna,
The bringer of your sleep;
She lulls you with her melodies,
That sound so very sweet.
Next we move to Mosrael,
The one who wakes the dead;
The only thing that's wrong with that,
The wielder's thrown to Death.
Here's the bell called Kibeth,
Who makes the dead ones walk;
Wield it not if you're afraid,
To go where you would not.
Speak up now old bell Dyrim,
The sweetest thing to hear;
For it gives lost voices to the dead,
Yet also shuts up whomever's near.
Think about this bell Belgaer,
Who gives the dead free thought;
It will also take some things away,
The memories you've got.
The binding bell called Saraneth,
The Abhorsens often use;
It gives wielder the dead's own will,
To do with as they choose.
And last not least is Astarael,
Who holds extreme sorrow;
When rung properly into death,
Is where all who hear her go.
These are the seven bells I say,
Not one worth more than another;
And when rung by seven souls,
Orranis is bound forever.

*This poem is based off the book Sabriel (and the other books in the series) by Garth Nix. I do not own the main theme of it*
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