Assorted Poems

A collection of my poems :)


4. Here I Sit

Here I Sit,
Alone in pain;
Yet I find it,
A comforting rain;
The tears that fall,
Silently down my cheeks;
Fall so fast,
They're like a million creeks.
Here I Sit,
I watched you leave;
I always thought,
You'd come dack for me;
I know now,
It was futile to hope;
Now I can only,
Wish to cope.
Here I Sit,
Then realize;
I'm not stuck here,
I can fly through the skies;
I will lose myself,
In the easiest way;
Show no emotions,
And harden like clay.
Here I Sit,
Hard as a stone;
I know that I will always,
Be alone;
Though I'm surrounded,
By many of faces,
I will be here,
For many of ages.
Here I Sit,
Years down the road;
Still there I am,
Utterly alone;
Nobody knows,
What I have been through;
But when they realize,
I will get what's due.
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