My heart is your temple.

How did it happen? Find out :)


1. Walk on the beach

It was my birthday. I was still young and love was something i havent experienced yet.
I now understand the saying "Love will find you when you least expect it."
I thot it would be a normal day chilling with my friends in the central city, but i knew i was wrong when i laid my eyes on her.
She was beautiful her eyes where green and her hair reddish. I looked at her and she was looking at me.
Knowing that i noticed everything around me slowing down even coming to a complete stop for a moment.
Things around me where blurry and i found my self walking to her as if something was pulling me.
It felt great to  feel something that i havent ever felt before. As if she could see right through me.
I noticed my older friend chatting with the other girl sitting next to this gorgeous.
I was temted to go and talk to my friend just to get a closer look.
I was nervous and shy but i managed to walk to my friend and ask him "how is he doing" While he was answering i didint honestly even listen.
 i was looking at her with the corner of my eyes.
I noticed that she was looking at me.
Then suddenly i heard my friends voice again telling me that they are going to take a walk on the beach.
Right before he finnished his sentence i heard her sweet voice asking " do you want to join us?"
I couldent bealive that she was talking to me even more asking me to join them. I was thrilled and said " i would happily."




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