Little Bird

Storm Rogers, a 18 year old Basket ball player, never believed in love at first sight until he saw her, siting up in a tree, brown hair cascading down her shoulders and a guitar balanced in her lap.


1. Then I saw her

A steady thump of the ball echoed across the empty outdoor basketball court. I flipped my hair out of my eyes before taking the ball in my hands, lifting it above my head, and tossing it effortlessly towards the basket. I listened to the soft noises the ball made as it spun around the rim once and slipped down through the net below. A smile teased my lips as I walked forwards to grab my ball but I stop mid-stride as I hear a noise. My eyes immediately drop down to the stilled ball. 'not that.' I thought and glanced around the park, imagining that if I where an animal that my ears would be pricked. I jerked my head towards the trees as I hear the noise again. Strumming. I closed my eyes and walked in the direction of the soft guitar strumming. I stopped when the guitar sounded closest. "hello?" I called gently glancing around. It stopped abruptly and I wished that the mesmerizing tune didn't have to end. "Who's there" I call out again, my voice bouncing across the empty forest. I then realize that these trees are the best climbing ones in the whole town and glance towards the blue sky. That moment was when I saw her. Green eyes glinting in the sun,  brown curly hair cascading down her shoulders, covered partly by a green beanie that matched her dazzling eyes. A wooden guitar slung across her chest and buried in her arms. She was looking down at me with startled and amused eyes. "Who are you?" I asked hoping that she responded with a name that matched her beauty. She just shook her head and motioned for me to climb the tree to her. I nodded and glanced at the nearest branch, not to low or to high. I grasped it and pulled myself onto it then grabbed ahold of the closest one, repeating this until I sat on a branch just a bit below her. "Can I know your name now?" I asked her, gently this time, not wanting to scare her. The girl smiled and nodded before reaching behind her and pulling out a small notepad and a blue pen. She wrote something down and flipped the pad over to show it to me. I read it and a smile spread across my lips. There, written in blue pen was the girl's name; Jasmine Molin.
 That is a pretty name.
I hadn't noticed that I said it allowed until she giggled and wrote 'thanks' down on the paper. I chuckled slightly then realized something; "Why are you writing on paper instead of talking?" I asked her, afraid on the answer. She sighed inaudibly and turned the paper towards herself yet again.  Only the soft scribble of pen on paper was heard until she turned the notepad over once more, showing me what exactly I didn't want to see.


(AN: hello! I hope you liked this chapter :D I will get started on the next one ASAP! Comment any Crit you have and tell me what you think the reason is that Jasmine writes on paper instead of talking. It's not really brain science!)

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