Is It Love At First Sight?

Fan fiction
Justin bieber
Love story
In your point of view
Use your imagination


4. The Truth

When you got home you called Justin. It took 7 calls untill he answered. "Hello babe" he answered "hi" you said sniffling and crying. "What's wrong babe?"'Justin said . "Everyone is calling me a slut and a attention whore" you said. "Why baby"?" Justin asked. "Because they thing I'm lying about you and me can you please tell everyone about us. I can't handle this bullying anymore" you say. "Yes babe I can and I will do it right now I love you and I hate seeing you like this" Justin says. "Thank you babe I love you so much" you say. "Well babe I have to go do some stuff for pencils of promise I love you to bye" Justin said "bye babe" you replied. You hung up the phone almost directly after that you got a notification from twitter. You click on the notification. You see a tweet. "Hi everyone I just wanted to let all of you know I'm in a relationship with _______(your name) and I love her I don't care what you think or say about this but nothing will make me stop loving her" from Justin. You got a big smile on your face and then you start getting a bunch of texts and emails and tweets to you. "I'm sorry for not believing In you" people from school said. "Justin you're new girlfriend is beautiful" some beliebers tweeted. But other beliebers didn't like the fact that Justin was dating someone. But you didn't care. You then go out to the living room to watch t.v. You flip it to a gossip show. All these different shows were talking about you and Justin's relationship and the tweet. It got annoying but you got used to it after a while. A couple hours later. You facetimed Justin. He answered. You had the biggest smile ever on you face when FaceTimeing him. "Babe I miss you when are you coming to see me" you say. "Idk babe it could be a week a couple weeks or a month or more." He said in a upset way. You then got all upset. Justin then told you to call him instead of FaceTimeing so you did. You called him and you started talking about how each others days were and all about the gossip. Then your doorbell went off. You went to the door and opened it there was some man with a black hoodie and his face down and hand behind his back and looked really creepy you put your phone up to your ear and say "Justin there is a creepy guy at my house and idk who it is and I'm scared" then he didn't answer. The man took his hood off and raised his face and it was Justin with flowers behind his back. "Surprise" he says you jump on him and he hugs you and lifts you up while kissing you. You guys kiss for a while then when you stopped you asked justin what he wanted to do. He said "well I don't wanna go out because of the paparazzi" "well we could always stay here and cuddle and watch a movie and eat popcorn" you said. "Sounds like a good plan" he says. You take him to where all the movies are and you bend over to reach for a movie and Justin slaps your butt you get all turned on. But you ignore it you grabbed a scary movie so when you get scared you could hug him and cuddle up to him. You start watching the movie cuddle up with Justin on the couch. The movie got scary really fast so you snuggled up closer to Him. Then you put your hand in his shirt on his abs and start to feel them. " eh you probably could protect me it idk" then you wink at him. "Oh yeah oh well take this" he says then he starts to tickle you. You start laughing and laughing and you couldn't stop. Then he stopped. You breathed in and looked up at him and smiled. "I love you" you said. "I love you too babe" he said. Them he grabbed your face and kissed you. Then he moved his hands from your face to your butt and started to feel up your body as you kiss. Then he started to slowly take off your shirt. And you take off his. Then your start to take off his pants and you both stand up off of the couch and you both undressed each other and then you were in only bra and underwear and he was in boxers. You look up at him and say "are you sure we are ready for this" "I honestly don't know" he says. Then you say "I don't really think are yet" "well babe I love you every time Im near you I get this tingly feeling and I swear my heart skips all the time because of you I would not be doing this if I didn't love you" he says. "Well this would be my first time" you say "mine to" he said "well what should we do" you asked then......
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