Is It Love At First Sight?

Fan fiction
Justin bieber
Love story
In your point of view
Use your imagination


5. The Next Step Forwards or Backward

"We should do what you want babe." Justin says. "I do think we are ready" you say. You both get dressed. And then he hugs you around your waste and whispers in you ear "i love you" you say I love you back. You to stand there for a whole hugging. "So now what do you want to do?" You say to Justin. "We could take pictures together on Instagram" he replies. You get you phone out you take a photo on yours and edit it. " my baby, I love you Justin Drew Bieber your my one and only I'm So glad you came and surprised me baby." You put as the caption. You then posted it. Justin kisses you and you got a picture of it. And you posted it. With a caption of "kisses with my babe, I love him". He grabs your phone joking around and he posts a bunch of photos of him self with a caption "hacked, love you-Justin". People were commenting on all the of your photos saying nice and mean stuff. But you didn't care. You and Justin then dicier to go shoot some hoops out side. So you did. He gave you the ball to be nice you then shoot and miss. Helps you out from behind. He puts his body up against yours and helps you shoot. You then shot a perfect one Justin then steals the ball from you so you run after him. He starts to dribble and messes around with you. "Do you want the ball back?" He says " yes" you answered as you smiled at him. "We'll you have to give me a kiss for it" as he puts the ball behind his back and gets closer looking down at you. "Okay" you say. You kiss him for a while it was a long romantic kiss. "Was that good enough" you said with a smile. "Yes it was, do you want the ball now" he asks. "Nah, I didn't even want it in the first place haha" you say.. He laughed. You to go inside. " I bet you can't do 100 push ups" you said to Justin. "Oh yeah? Lay down on the floor." He said. "Why"you asked "just do it babe". You lay down and Justin starts doing push-ups over you. Counting 1,2,3...etc and he kisses you each time. "What are you doing" you asked as he was kissing you. "Well I need some motivation if I'm going to do all these push ups." He says. "Oh, really" you say as you push him on the ground on top of him kissing him you guys start kissing and making out. You guys get into it a lot. Then you guys stop. You then say whatcha wanna do now. "i don't know, what time do you have to leave?" You ask. "We'll I don't have to leave until six in the morning for my believe tour." He says. "I'm going to miss you so much" you say with a sad look on your face. "I'm going to miss you to" he kisses your for head and Hugs you laying his head on yours. "Maybe I could come with you " you say. "Yeah, if it's okay for you to miss school and get education from a payed person like I do, and If it's okay with your parents" he says. "Well there on a vacation right now , but ill call them. You call them "hey mom,  can I go on the tour with Justin I will still besetting education every day and. It will be a good experience for me" you say. "Well how long will you be gone?" She asks. "About half of a month". You tell her. "Well I need to talk to your dad about it then I will call you to tell you the answer okay love you Hun bye" she said "love you to mom, bye." You say. "I think she might say yes" you say to Justin. "I hope she does" he said. Then 30 mins later you got a call from you parents you answered and  .......



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