Is It Love At First Sight?

Fan fiction
Justin bieber
Love story
In your point of view
Use your imagination


2. The kiss

You turn around and see Justin's security guards standing there. You get frightened because you think you going to get in trouble for something. "Come with us _____" (you're name) you follow them. And all of sudden you are backstage. The workers tell you that your one less lonely girl and that Justin picked you specially. You put you're face into you're hands and cry because you are so happy. You get pulled on stage and Justin starts singing to you. He looks into you eyes leans in and you touch noses. He go's behind you and then jumps in front of you with roses in his hands he gives them to you then you get off stage and start to walk out. Then all of a sudden you feel a hand on your back. You turn around and see Justin and he tells you to meet him by the doors in front of the signature table. After the concert was over you went where he told you to. After 20mins of waiting you start to walk out. And you here a someone screaming "waitttt!!" You turn around and you see Justin standing there. He tells you he's sorry and that he had to help take care of stuff and lost track of time. You say It's okay and he asks you if you know why he picked you for one less lonely girl. " no why" you answer. "Because girl I've been fooled by your smile" he said. You smile and look up at him and he kisses you. And gives you paper. You get home and open the paper. The paper says "to my dear ____ (your name) here is my number 989-555-8383 (not his real number just made up) when I seem you in the crowd I just new we could have something between us please give me a chance I know it will be worth you time" you pull your iPhone out and type in the number and put In the name Justin but with a heart next to it. You text him " hey Justin it's ______ (your name) . He texts back right away "hey I've been waiting for you to text me, I almost started to think that you weren't going to give me a chance". You text him back "Justin I really want to get to know you more and I can see us having something in the future also". "I'm glad your giving me a chance ______ <3 ill be in town in a day or two and we can go on a date of you want" he said. "Sounds like a plan;)" you text back. "Hey you wanna Skype?" Justin texted. "Sure:)" you give him your Skype and he calls you. You have your hair all up in a bun sweat pants on and no makeup what so ever. "You look so beautiful" Justin says. "No I'm not" you say. "You are the most beautifulest girl in the world" he says. "Well if I am then scream in to the world" you say. "Your beautiful" he whispers. "Why did you just whisper it to me?" You ask. "Because you are my world" he said. You have the biggest smile on your face. "Thanks:)" you say. "Well I'm just being honest" Justin says. You have school the next morning. " hey Justin I have school in the morning I need to get some sleep ill text you tomorrow" you say "ok beautiful sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite" Justin says "bye" you said then you blow a kiss to him and you guys both end the call.
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