Is It Love At First Sight?

Fan fiction
Justin bieber
Love story
In your point of view
Use your imagination


3. School trouble's

The next day you get to school. You walk over by you friends and pull you best-friend to the side to talk. "Guess what?!?" You say. "what?" She answered." You know how I went to that Justin Bieber concert well at that concert I got picked to be one less lonely girl". You say. "No way you little lier that did not happen" she said. "Yes it did and guess what he told me he picked me because he got fooled by my smile and he told me to meet him at the doors so I did and he kissed me before I left, don't tell anybody I don't know if Justin wants people knowing about it" you told her. "Alright" she says while she rolls here he's and walks away like she doesn't believe you. You get all upset because she thought you were lying. Later that day in class. You were texting underneath the table to Justin. "Hi" you said. Hi babe" he said. "I'm in school right now" you told him. "Then why are you texting me?" He asked. "Because I was bored and because I'm having a really bad day:(" you told him. "Awe babe, what's wrong?" He asked. " pro you care if I told someone about what happened and stuff" you asked him. "Why would I care, I'm not embarrassed to be around you or with you and I don't regret anything that happened so i don't care you can tell everyone" he said " well I told my best-friend and she doesn't believe me boo what do I do" you asked. "You don't do anything let them believe what they want all that matters is that we know what happened and we know the truth" he said. "Thanks babe, hey i got to go to the bus schools over ill text you when I get home bye" you get home you do your homework. Then after your done you text Justin. "Hey." You wait 10 minuets and he doesn't text back so you get in the shower. When you got out and were all dressed. You checked you're phone you got a text from Justin saying "hey sorry i didn't answer I was in a meeting with my manager about my next song". You start texting him back "it's okay you were busy". And he texts you again "hey babe Skype me"
You Skype him and you see his face and you smile. "How was school?" He asked."it was alright. How was yours?" you answered. "Mine was the same but now it is amazing!" He said. "Why?" You asked. "Because I'm talking to you:)" he says. Time flys bye and it's already 10:45 you tell him you have to go to bed because you have school but you will text him tomorrow. The next day at school you get there and walk in and everyone was staring at you. You go up to your bestfriend and ask her why everyone is staring at you. "Because they all think your lying about the Justin thing and they think your so thirsty that you said it" she said. "We'll you all can believe what you want me and Justin know the truth and that's all that matters" you said. Then later you go to lunch you sit at a empty table because all of your friends think you lying to. You sit there and some one yells out "____ (your name) is a stupid thirsty whore" you run to the bathroom I'm tears you text your mom and tell her to pick you up she asks what wrong and you just tell her to come now.
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