Is It Love At First Sight?

Fan fiction
Justin bieber
Love story
In your point of view
Use your imagination


1. The Concert

Today's the big day! I'm going to Justin Bieber's concert in NewYork You say with a smile on your face. You have been counting down all the days and finally the one day you have been waiting for is here. There is 8 more hours until the concert. You take a shower. Eat dinner. Then you go to your room and check your twitter. You tweet "Justin Bieber concert in 7 hours can't wait". You go and find your purple Never Say Never t-shirt, your purple skinny jeans and your green and purple DC high tops. When you find them you put them on. Then you go to the bathroom and do your hair. You curl your long hair with a wand. So that way the curls stay in better. After your done you spray hairspray In it. You get up and go up to your Mom and ask her if your hair looks good and she says "Yes Hun you look beautiful". After that you go back into the bathroom and do your makeup. You get all done up. And then you look at the time and realize there is only 5 hours till the concert. But it takes 2 hour and a half to get there. So you have 2 and a half hours of free time so you get on twitter and you see that Justin tweeted. He said. "Can't wait to do One Less Lonely Girl Tonight". You smile thinking maybe it's you. But then you think to your self that its not me because those things could never happen to me I'm just one girl out of millions of other girls that he can pick. So you get all sad. But then you shake it off and try to make yourself In a better mood. You look at the clock and there is only 2 hours left until the concert. You pack your bags because your staying in a hotel for a week there. You put your bags in the car. You rush your parents to hurry. So they do. You all get in the car and start driving to NewYork. Your in the car just listening to As Long As You Love Me. You sit there for a half hour then fall asleep. And hour later you get woken up by your parents. "5 minuets until we are there______(your name).when you get there you go straight in to the concert and you are in the 4th row on floor in the middle. The fans are getting crazy waiting for Justin to come out on stage. The fans are screaming Justin's name over and over and finally he comes out and everyone screams with joy. He starts to talk saying do you guys know how much I love my fans. He says to the moon and back. Everyone smile,s and says awhh. Then he says "who want me to sing As Long As You Love Me" Ll the fans scream. He starts to sing. Then he moves to your favorite song Thought Of You. You dancing and singing but crying because your so happy that your there. After he was he decided to sing Smile. While he's singing he looks out into the crowd and look directly at you. He looks into your eyes then smiles. After he was done singing the song he says "Who wants to be my One Less Lonely Girl. you screa, and smile and wave at him. But then he tells the crowd that he needs a break. Heroes and gets a break. And you felt someone touch your shoulder and
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