When The Concert Ticket Became A Beautiful Memory

A 17 year old version of me is in love with Black Veil Brides. Her experience is told below.

Note: I do not own Black Veil Brides, Baskin Robins, or the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre. I'm lucky I can afford a pack of gum, let alone big names like them.


2. The Concert

The days approaching the concert are slow, barren, lifeless. No party, no make out session, no cookie dough able to restore happiness to my life. I've barely spoken to my parents. They ruined me; who knows the next time Black Veil Brides will be around here.

The day before the concert, I don't even try to get out of bed. No one forces me to. I jut lay there, too numb to cry anymore.

There's a knocking on my door. The person doesn't even wait for me to reply. I could of been mid-dirty and they would of been scarred for life.

"Hey." It's Dad. "This came in the mail." He holds out an envelope. "Hope you like it." He walks away.

I open it slowly, too emotionally drained to do anything. When I open it, I feel a small, plastic-coated rectangle. I pull it out and red aloud its context.

"Saturday, June 15, 2015. First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. Price: $25.00. Black Veil Brides featuring-"

I cut off reading and starting screaming. I might get to meet Andy after all!


I don't sleep. I don't eat. I barely even breathe. I can't, and even if I want to , my body wouldn't let me. Every part of my body is preparing for this concert. I wonder about the mosh pit, the set list if I could possibly touch Andy's hand.

The hour drive takes forever, and the hour wait to get in doesn't help. I clutch my ticket and mess with the $100 my parents gave me. "Stay hydrated. There better be change." I've heard it before.

I look around at everyone waiting. These girls are darkly beautiful. So many blondes. Stick thin, thigh gaps.

I shake those thoughts. Not even my eating disorder will ruin today.

When we're finally let in, I head straight for the merchandise tent. A sign tells me that if I buy any CD,I can meet Black Veil Brides. Ine lucky winner will be able to hang with them.

I rush to buy their CD, along with a tank top.

"Attention, 30 minutes until Black Veil Brides performs. Thank you for choosing First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre," says an invisible man on a loud speaker.

I dance through the people to get to the stage. Not too many people are in the pit yet. I work through crevices and end up being a few people away from the stage.

The sound is lovely. The people that work with the band make sure CC's drums are stable, that the boys' guitars are plugged in right, the the mics are up.

"In The End" plays over the intercom, just loud enough to her.

Ashley pokes his head onto stage and the now massive crowd roars. He disappears and so does the yelling. From the back, someone attempts to get the crowd to shout "BVB" but fails.

CC runs out, war paint and all. A wave of screaming rushes over the crowd. He plays the beginning drum solo to "Set The World On Fire". When it comes time for the guitars to join in, Ashley, Jake, and Jinxx come out of hiding.

I push my way to the front. The music echoes through me.

Right before he has to sing, Andy appears from the back of the stage.

"How are you Chicago?" Andy asks when he finishes. We all scream, but he isn't satisfied. "Did you not hear me? I said, how the fuck are you Chicago?"

I lose it and scream until I have no air.

"This girl up here must be feeling awesome." He's talking about me. I know it.

"I love you!" I shout.

I inhale and soak in every detail of every moment.

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