When The Concert Ticket Became A Beautiful Memory

A 17 year old version of me is in love with Black Veil Brides. Her experience is told below.

Note: I do not own Black Veil Brides, Baskin Robins, or the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre. I'm lucky I can afford a pack of gum, let alone big names like them.


7. Table For Five

The rest of the summer break flies by. Once again, I enter the front door of the high school, but as a senior this time. I never thought I'd make it this far. I didn't think I'd turn 18. Then again, I also didn't think the boys would call on my birthday and sing to me. They had been in Europe, so I wasn't able to talk to them, only listen to the voicemail constantly.

They haven't forgotten about me.

But now it was September 3rd. The tour ended on August 29th. Andy hasn't shown up, though he never said he would. Maybe he had forgotten about me. After all, I'm just a fan.

Maybe he had forgotten about me.


After an emotionally draining first day of senior year, I head straight for work. A diner had given me a job and today was only my fourth day of working.

It's a Tuesday, so there isn't much traffic. I'm talking to the fry cook when I hear the bell on the door. Excusing myself, I make my way to the front.

"I need a table for five," a voice says as I grab menus. I turn to face the group and I'n greeted by Andy, standing here, smiling. "Happy birthday!"

I hug the boys. "Oh god, you guys remembered me! How did you find me?"

"You gave me ice cream. Of course I'd remember you!" CC beams.

"We have our ways," Jake tells me.

I look at Andy, and he's staring right back. His eyes say "I missed you". I'm pretty sure my eyes hold the same message.

"Follow me to your table for five."

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