When The Concert Ticket Became A Beautiful Memory

A 17 year old version of me is in love with Black Veil Brides. Her experience is told below.

Note: I do not own Black Veil Brides, Baskin Robins, or the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre. I'm lucky I can afford a pack of gum, let alone big names like them.


5. "Remember Me"

"Andy, it's going on 9! We need to be leaving soon!" CC shouts from the front of the bus.

We had been figuring out my song, making a few revisions and figuring out some harmonies. Time had flown by.

"You're really great. You didn't fall to the floor crying and fangirling. You haven't shown me a future tattoo of my face or tried to rape me," Andy says with a straight face, then laughs.

"That's only because I'm 17...just wait two months!" I lean on him, knowing I can't do much else. I'm craving to taste his lips. "Can you visit me maybe? It would be the best birthday gift I could ever get. I realize I'm probably just another fan to you but I-"

"I'm on tour until the end of August. I'm not supposed to bring anymore with us either." He hugs me and I inhale his scent. He then stands up and pulls me to my feet. "Let me walk you to your car."

We walk in sad silence. I refuse to cry. His arm is wrapped around my shoulders. "How will you find me?"

Andy grins. "I have my ways. It'd be easier if you gave me your number or city name or something though."

I get inside my car after one last hug and a kiss on the forehead. I write a few things down on an old precalculus paper.

"Remember me," I say as I drive away with him waving at me.

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