When The Concert Ticket Became A Beautiful Memory

A 17 year old version of me is in love with Black Veil Brides. Her experience is told below.

Note: I do not own Black Veil Brides, Baskin Robins, or the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre. I'm lucky I can afford a pack of gum, let alone big names like them.


3. Meeting

"Don't forget, you guys can meet us soon!' Andy says at the end of their set. He throws his arm around Ashley's shoulders. My inner fangirl explodes.

"Black Veil Brides," we, as the crowd, cheer when the band has left. They don't return.

I run to their tent.


I'm 18th in line, which is wonderful because it's divisible by two, and numbers divisible by two bring me good luck most the time.

I pull the CD out of my bag and take its plastic off. It's so lucky, being able to be touched by the band.

I mentally practice what I'm going to say to each of them.

"Jake, wicked solo!"

"CC, I love the new haircut!"

"Ashley, please stop being adorable!"

"Jinxx! Your wife is so cute!"

"Andy, your music has changed me and saved my life. Thank you. I love you guys!"

The line starts moving. Breathe, I remind myself. They're just beautiful men. You see them everyday on your phone and computer and room.

I enter their tent and smile like an idiot. "It's really you guys!"

"Yeah," Jake says.

"I absolutely love you guys."

"We love you too," CC replies. He hands Jinxx the CD.

My CD is getting more action than me. I'm jealous.

"You've changed my life, saved me." I give my CD to Ashley now. I see him look at the cuts and scars on my arms. "I'd be dead without your music."

"Do you want to be the person to hang later." Ashley asks.

"God, yes! Of course!"

Ashley slides the CD to Andy, who marks it beautifully.

"I love you Andy." It means so much to know he heard me say that.

He smiles that beautiful smile of his. "There's some chairs back there. You can pull one up next to me." His voice is velvet on my ears.

I do what he says. He still smells like sweat. I watch him sign "Andy Biersack" more times than I can count. I even sign a few autographs of my own and get told how lucky I am. I study Andy's face and reply each time with "I sure am."

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