On tour with one direction

Kara's dream is about to become reality. For her 18th birthday her dad gave her meet and greet tickets for one direction. The day finally came and when she first walked in one of the band members fell instantly in love with her. He asks her if she wants to go on tour with them. Of course she said yes.


5. The tour

Oh my gosh! Niall just asked me if I wanted to go on tour with them!! Of course I said yes! On July 23rd I was going to go on tour with one direction. July 23rd was next week. Niall also said he had a surprise for me! At around 9 in the morning a limo came and picked me up. Awesome!!! We finally arrived at their private jet. It was awesome. After waiting for about 20 minutes the band members arrived on the plane. Niall sat next to me with a nervous look on his face.


I have to ask her. I need her as my girlfriend. She's sweet, kind, and funny. I was going to ask her. "Umm Kara, will you um be my girlfriend?"


Did this just happen? Did Niall James Horan just asked me out? "Of course," I said to him. He smiled and I smiled back. I was officially Niall's girlfriend. Yay!!! After waiting for about another 20 minutes, the jet took off. On the plane I got to meet Zayn's girlfriend Perrie, Louis's girlfriend Eleanor, and Liam's girlfriend Danielle. They are very nice and sweet. Our first stop was New York City! We visited the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. Then, the boys had a concert so I stayed backstage with the other girlfriends and watched. After that we toured the city some more and got to meet some fans. Hundreds of girls loved me. They had presents for me and wanted my autograph. It's awesome. After staying in New York City for a couple days we left for Indianapolis, Indiana. There the boys had concerts and met some fans. It's incredible having hundreds of people scream your name and are dying to meet you. I love it! In Indianapolis we went to the Indianapolis Zoo, the Imax theater, the Indiana Museum of History, and we took a paddle boat in a cannel. After that we flew to Ohio to go to Cedar Point. We went on the Dragster and Niall sat by me. I was so scared at first. I screamed the whole time. It was fun though. We went on every ride and got to meet some fans. The boys had a concert that night so like always I stayed backstage with the other girlfriends. After that we went to Chicago. We toured the city and later on that day the boys had a concert. We stayed in Chicago for a few more days and left to for Michigan. While we were at Michigan we saw a bunch of hobos and drove away quickly from them. They freaked me  out. Anyway we went to the Palace of Auburn Hills and they had a concert there. That place is so cool!

   We toured the rest of the United States meeting lots of fans and seeing cool cities. Touring with one direction is fun. We have Canada to go to, Europe, and Australia. So much fun!! The next day we flew to Toronto. We toured the city and the boys had another concert. We stayed there for a few days and left for Australia. It was about a day flight, but it felt like forever! Oh my gosh! Australia is amazing!! We saw all the cities that you can only dream about, but never visit. The boys had many concerts there which meant more time to tour! Australia is a beautiful country or continent whatever. While getting stuck in traffic by a desert a kangaroo came right up to car and looked like it was hitch-hiking! We flew back to Europe after staying in Australia for about a few weeks.

We went to my hometown first in the UK. I got to spend some time with my family and friends. I stayed home for a long time though and not seeing my boyfriend for a longtime was hard. One day I was watching this show about celebs and their life. Niall was on and of course I watched it. The episode was called Niall the Cheat. What? Of course he would never do that. I watched some more of it. "Niall Horan from one direction has been caught cheating on his girlfriend Kara Mcfeely," the news lady said. How could this be true? On the show it showed him and a picture of a girl getting ready to "do it". No! How could this happen? He cheated on me bad! Oh I need to have a serious talk with him! After waiting for days Niall came to my house to take me back on the tour. "Ok what is this?"I asked showing him that picture.

"It's not me!!" 

"Oh right it's not you it's your evil twin brother!! I bet he even has the same name as you!"

"No I don't have a twin brother!" 

"Then how is it not you?"

"I don't know!"

"Whose the girl?"

"I don't know what your talking about!! That never happened!!"


"If you don't believe then we're through!"

"Fine spend the rest of your tour with your girlfriend."

"I don't have another girlfriend!"

"Then explain this!!" He calmed down a little and looked me right in the eye and said "Look it's not real paparazzi might have taken a picture of me hugging Harry or any off the boys and made them look a girl. But it's not me! If you don't believe me then don't even bother finishing the tour with us."

"I'm sorry I can't."


"Fine!" This was the worst day ever! I cried in my mom's arms for about an hour. I knew he didn't do it but I was too mad to say anything. Oh, how I wanted to go back on tour with them. Back in Niall's arms sleeping as the plane flew. This was the biggest mistake in my life and it could never be fixed!! :( :( :(

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