On tour with one direction

Kara's dream is about to become reality. For her 18th birthday her dad gave her meet and greet tickets for one direction. The day finally came and when she first walked in one of the band members fell instantly in love with her. He asks her if she wants to go on tour with them. Of course she said yes.


6. Back Together

Niall and I never spoke to each other again. He doesn't like me anymore:(. It has been really hard for me and Niall too (the boys told me they still like me). The boys' tour was over now and they were finally back home. Oh how I wanted to come and give them all big hugs but Niall would never allow that. He hates me. He always will and I can't change that. The doorbell rang. I slowly walked to answer it. It was Harry!! "Hi." he said.

"Hey!" A long deep silence past. We had nothing to say to each other."Does Niall still you know?"

"Yeah kind of, he still likes you you know?"

"No stop lying!"

"He does! He cries about you all the time. He wants you back you know?"

"He does?"

"Yeah don't tell him I told you though."

"Ok!" I felt so bad. I broke his heart. I have to make it up to him! With what? I don't know. I need to think of something. 

*Day dreaming*

Niall is holding me in his arms. He whispers in my ear that he loves me. He gives me a kiss and gets up to get something. He comes back with our favorite movie. We cuddle close and we watch it together. "I love you!" he keeps saying. He locks his eyes with mine. He comes closer to me and I come closer to him. He grabs me and gently kisses me. What was this feeling? I felt like I was being pulled to him. Then I hear my name being called. "Kara! KARA!!" It sounded like Harry. Then I felt someone shaking me. It wasn't Niall.

*End of daydream*

"Kara! Kara! Earth to Kara!" I looked up a him. "What happened to you? You're eyes were wide open but you didn't answer!"

"Oh um just lost in thought I guess."

"You must have been very lost, I have been calling you for over fifteen minutes!"

"Oh sorry,"

"It's ok." A long silence past. Very long. We didn't speak for over a half an hour when he finally said........ "You and Niall need to work this out. He has been very upset. He just sent me a text saying he's sad and wants me to come back. Come with me. Please."

"No I can't."

"You sure?" Tears came in my eyes. "I--I don't know. He hates me. What if the whole thing was true? What if he did cheat on me?"

"He didn't!"

"How do you? What if he's lying to you so he doesn't look bad? What if-"

"Stop! He didn't and you know it. Just come with me. Please! It would make his day."

"Well, um just for a little but if I find out he was lying I'm leaving asap. Ok?"

"Sure whatever, just come on!" We hopped in his car and drove off. I wanted to see him so bad. It's been over three months.I hope he will forgive me. I hurt him so bad I don't even deserve to be forgiven.

 We finally got to the house and we walked in. Niall was asleep on the couch with a box of tissues next to him. He doesn't take a breakup well. He must have loved me so much. "Niall. Niall. Wake up I have a surprise for you."

"What?" he groaned with his eyes still shut.

"Just open your eyes."



"Umm Kara could you give us a minute? Please."



"Harry why did you bring her I told you I never want to see her again."

"No that is the exact opposite of what you told me!"

"Whatever, just take her away!"

"No! You guys need to make up!"

"Ok ok but I don't think we will though."

"You will."

"Errr Harry!" Kara was back!! I missed her so much even though I have been furious with her. Why wouldn't I? She pulled out my heart and tour it to pieces. Chewed me up and spit me out. Many things but also took me to another world filled with hope and love. Took me to a world where I know I can do anything! Anything! She was my life my world! I wanted to make up with her but i just can't. "Kara."


"Hi." I don't know what to say. I just smiled until she came over and kissed me on the cheek. "What was that for?" I asked.

She didn't say anything else. After a long silence she locked eyes with me. Grabbed me and pulled me close kissing me ever so calm and delightful. I grabbed her and came closer. Kissing and kissing each other made me feel a joyful sensation. Soon we took a step too far if you know what I mean.


What was I doing? It felt good but I knew I shouldn't be doing this. "Niall? NIALL!"


"Do you forgive me? I know I don't deserve it but-"

"Shhh just stop!" We came in closer and closer. Kissing and kissing. I loved this until Harry walked in. "Oh my gosh!! I'm so sorry I'll um give you guys some time!" I felt so embarrassed. "Umm no just stay."

"Looks like you two made up."

"Um yes! Yes we did!"

"I told you so."

"Shut up." 

"Umm do you guys want some privacy?"

"No we're good stay." Niall gave me a furious glare. "Actually we do want some privacy." Niall exclaimed. 

"No no we're fine we've had enough."

"I'll just go. I want to see what Zayn is doing anyway." Harry walked away and Niall came in close wanting it again. He came close and started kissing me. "Um Niall? Niall?! NIALL!!'


"We've had enough." 

"Well ok if you insist."

"I do. I have to get going now it's getting late and my family is very over protective so see you later."


"Sure. Bye."

"Bye, love you!" He said love you!! Oh my gosh I thought I would never hear those words from him again. "Love you too." He kissed me goodbye and I left. He's so sweet! He acted like I was leaving and wasn't coming back for months! 

*At home*

I pulled into the driveway and cop cars were there! "Um excuse me sir, what's going on?" I asked an officer. 

"Your here! Get inside. Your parents have been worried sick!" How? I left them a note and sent them thousands of texts saying that I was going out. "Oh honey your home I have been worried sick! Sick I tell you!" my mom shouted.

"Why? I sent you a text saying I was going out and I left a note."

"Yes, but there is a killer around the boys house and when I called you you didn't answer. So I thought something happened to you." There was?! Oh no! I checked my phone and saw I got lots of calls texts and emails. One of the texts was from Harry. *Niall was outside and got seriously hurt by a hater punching and kicking him. Thank god that person didn't have a knife or something then Niall would be a goner. Come to the hospital.* "Mom, Niall has been hurt I'm going to visit him in the hospital."

"Ok." At the hospital Niall was in the hospital bed with all the band members surrounding him. Niall looked like a mess. He was covered with bruises and cuts all over his face. And on his arm he had an arms length of stitches. "Oh my gosh!! What the heck happened?" 

"I was outside watching your car leave and suddenly a freak came out and started to punch and kick me. I don't remember much cause I passed out right away." 

"Wow! How long are you staying here?"

"The doctor said I haft to stay here for one night."

"I can't believe this happened! I feel so bad." The doctor walked in with a very upsetting face. "I have checked the x-rays and Niall broke his foot. He is going to need surgery." No! This can't happen! Not to my love. "When will the surgery be done?" Niall asked. 

"As soon as possible. We can do it now if you like. I just need to get the surgery room ready."

"Um well I guess I can do it now." After waiting for the doctor to get the room ready she took Niall away for surgery. "Are you ok?" Liam asked me.


"Come on I know you're lying." Tears came into my eyes. "Ok you got me. I'm not ok. In fact inside I'm screaming. My baby is hurt and there is someone out there that wants to kill you guys." I started crying a river of tears. Liam noticed and hugged me tight. I even noticed him tearing up! "It's ok. He's going to be alright." Liam whispered to me. "What if he's not? What if something goes wrong? What if the killer comes back for you?"

"Shhhh don't think like that."

"I'm trying I just don't want Niall to get hurt I love him so much!"

"I love him too, just try not to think like that for me? Please."

"Well ok."


What was I feeling? I felt sorrow and sadness. Like a big chunk of my heart has been ripped out. I wanted to cry. I couldn't make myself look bad in front of Kara. "Liam?" she asked.


"Come here." She opened her arms and pulled me close. She knew I was about to cry. "Niall won't be able to do a concert or anything for months! He won't be able to do anything other than sing and write songs. We won't be able to travel very much or meet any fans. Fans all over the world will be disappointed."

"You will. You know Niall will try his hardest to get on stage."

"Well I guess."


While we were waiting for Niall to come back a few police came into the room. "The killer has been found and has been put to prison."


"The bad news is he is part of a big group that hates one direction so much that they want to kill them."

"Oh no."

"We have made sure there are plenty of security guards and weapons. Some are on there way right now to make sure he is safe here. Don't worry we have everything under control."

"Thank you."

"No problem." They left the room and minutes later Niall came back. He was sleeping peacefully. I kissed him on the cheek and left. I had to go. My parents were being there over protective selves and wanted me back. I didn't want to. I wanted to stay here with Niall. Forever and ever.

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