On tour with one direction

Kara's dream is about to become reality. For her 18th birthday her dad gave her meet and greet tickets for one direction. The day finally came and when she first walked in one of the band members fell instantly in love with her. He asks her if she wants to go on tour with them. Of course she said yes.


2. Another day in high school

Everyone at school was so jealous. Everyone who loved one direction kept trying to be my friend so they could get a ticket. But there was only two tickets one for my dad and one for me. I felt like the popular kid (without those tickets that would never happen). I was so mad my birthday was in April and I had to wait until the middle of July to meet them, but it's worth the wait. At school everyone was happy for me. Even the directionators were happy for me. At lunch all my friends and I talked about was the tickets. They were jealous of me. They were trying to hide it but I could tell they were. Their parents could never afford anything like that. My dad owns a factory with my mom so I always got expensive presents. Last year I got concert tickets for the 14th row. Anyway my BFF out of that group is my friend Jennifer. My parents knew her parents before I was born. I met Jennifer when I was only a few months old. She's a very nice person. She can cheer me up easily when I'm sad. I love her (as a friend). I am currently in a relationship with Bryan Brent. He's a really nice guy. He loves me dearly and reminds everyday. I think our relationship is ending. He's been flirting with Brianna Davis. I hate her. She acts like the most popular girl in school. She acts like the prettiest girl in school, but when you take off her makeup and
undo her hair, you've got an ugly mess.
"Kara I have something to talk to you about," said Brent. I hate him. Why is he doing this to me for that ugly Brianna Davis. "What?" I asked knowing what was coming next. "I'm breaking up with you," he said happily.
"Oh this is how ends, you dump me for that ugly Brianna girl well listen to me!! I never liked you and your an idiot. I hate you." I said glad to get that out. That has been in ever since we started dating. I never really like him. Well maybe I did but he was always a jerk to me.
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