On tour with one direction

Kara's dream is about to become reality. For her 18th birthday her dad gave her meet and greet tickets for one direction. The day finally came and when she first walked in one of the band members fell instantly in love with her. He asks her if she wants to go on tour with them. Of course she said yes.


1. The big 18

Since one direction was on the X factor I loved them. I even voted for them a couple times. My dream is to meet them someday, but for almost every directioner that is impossible. Unfortunately I'm not one of those lucky directioners who get to them. Well anyway I am 17 now and turning 18 next week so excited!!! I hope my parents will actually get me something nice this year or at least an awesome party because almost all my parties were disasters. Every party my dad rents a bouncy house that nobody plays in and he makes the most terrible food!! My mom is pretty much just the same. I talk to them about it but they keep it the way they want.
*My birthday*
I invited a few friends over for my party and I had a DJ and everything. Of course I only played one direction songs. And this year no bouncy house and my parents ordered pizza!!!! I didn't like the size of the present though. It was a tiny box. It better be something good. We just ate the amazing cake with lovely designs of the band members from one direction's names and their 1D logo (with my name and stuff on too but I only focused on the one direction part). It was time to open my tiny present. I was scared. What if it was something stupid? I really wanted to know what was in it. I ripped the wrapping paper and opened the box as fast as lightning. I had nothing to say. I was speechless. Inside was my dream. Inside was my destiny. Inside were one direction meet and greet tickets!!!!
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