Best Trip Ever

My character's name Is Tori, She visits the UK with her friend Tessa and they run into the most amazing situation you could ever think of, running into pop stars Niall Horan and Harry Styles


1. Car out of gas?

                 It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, and my best friend and I,were In the place we had most always dreamed about being someday... England. We had both vowed we would go at some point and we finally got an opportunity to go on this adventure. "What'll we do first!?" Tessa exalted at me, "I'm not sure, what places can we go?" "well, we could go to cheshire, my aunt lives over there and we could say hi..." so without a second thought, we hopped in the car and drove for about 2 hours to Cheshire, things were going just fine until our car, decided to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere..."What Happened?!" I gasped.. "the car ran out of gas, now what.." "well I guess we should call someone, but It'll take a while seeing we don't even know where we are!" Tessa was getting really frustrated... we sat on the hood of the car waiting and we heard a car pull up, it was a black Ferrari, so we figured it couldn't be a tow truck.. then we see two beautiful men get out of the car with small grins on their faces.. "Do you need some help?" The curly haired one asked as his smile nearly made me blush.."Uhmm, no we-we're fine we called someone" The blonde haired one walked up to Tessa and introduced himself to her as she started to blush... "Im Harry By the way," He said as he shook my hand. "He-hello I'm Tori... uhm do you live around here?" "yea, actually I live around the corner, If you want.. we were just about to go back to my place weren't we Niall?" Niall was a beautiful name , and obviously Tessa thought so as well.. "Sure, we'd love to.." and yes it was a weird move, but Tessa and I hopped into the back of his car. We didn't talk much on the way which was a bit awkward but I still couldn't believe we were in a car with two amazingly handsome men.."We're here" I heard as I looked back from outside the window. It was a nice house, very modern... I liked it a lot, there were flowers in the front yard and a basketball net in the driveway. "Lets Go in,  Harry said As He opened the door for me and Niall opened it for Tessa. We walked in the house and Harry decided to go make us some tea, as soon as we walked in we saw  big screen TV on the far wall, and a couch on the other side with a few chairs and a coffee table, the kitchen was attached and there was a little breakfast nook which we sat at as Harry made the Tea. "So where do you come from ladies?" Niall said as he plopped down next to Tessa. "well we're from America, Rhode Island specifically..." "thats cool, we've been there I believe right Harry?" he looked up and Harry nodded, I just realized who We were in the presence of...."Oh gosh, you guys are um, from one direction right?" I felt so stupid because I hadn't noticed, Tessa felt the same.. "Yes aha" they said in unison. "Glad your not freaking though, we don't like that sort of thing on our time off... "No need to worry aha" we continued to talk about our lives and soon we moved into the living room.. "any of you wanna play a game?" Harry said as he opened a cupboard full of board games.."uh sure, what do you have?" Tessa questioned as she got up from the couch. "monopoly, fr-" "monopoly! Thats my favorite aha sorry" I loved that game so without hesitating he pulled out the game and set it on the coffee table. We set up our pieces and played. The night was full of laughter, talking, and overall the best time we could think of.. after 2 hours, the game finished.. Tessa and I grabbed our stuff when the Taxi got here. "We hope to hear from you again!" Niall yelled as we walked down the driveway.. "we do too! Thanks for having us guys we had a great time." "No problem!" Harry yelled as he winked at me.. we hopped in the cab and as we put our coats on we discovered something in each of our pockets.. Harry's number lied in mine and Niall's Was in Tessa's pocket.. We looked at each other and giggled. that was the best day ever for us. I was glad our car ran out of Gas that day, Thats for sure!

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