Because of You

Sydney is a normal 18 year old girl. She has a great family, great friends, and overall a great life. But everything turns around when her best friend, Penny, dies from leukemia. She gives up on everything. But then she meets Niall Horan at the grocery store and her life changed. She gets to know him and she realizes that he is the one.


2. The Truth Spills Out

         Sydney's P.O.V.:

                       It's been three days since Penny died. I've ditched school today. I was getting hungry and realized that I didn't have any food. I tried to make my make-up look better, since I was crying. After a while, I got into my car and drove to Jewel Osco. I walked in and went to the frozen pizza isle.

          Niall's P.O.V.:

                       Ok, Louis and Zayn wanted cheese, Liam and Harry wanted pepperoni, and I want EXTRA CHEESE! I got to the pizza isle and ran to get the pizza. When i was running, I bumped into someone. The girl fell on the ground and a pizza and five cans of soup fell to the ground. "Oh my God I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking! Here, let me help you up." I helped her up and looked at her. She was beautiful! 

          Sydney's P.O.V.:

                           Some guy bumped into me! I fell to the ground and my food fell with me also. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking! Here, let me help you up.". He had a thick Irish accent. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. When I saw him, I was lovestruck. He had blonde hair and gorgeuos blue eyes. He stared at me and I could tell he was lovestruck. "Hi. I'm Niall. Sorry about that." "It's ok. I'm Sydney." "Are you ok? You look like you've been crying." Niall said, looking at me concerned. "I don't really wanna talk about it right now." I said looking at the ground. "Well, if you want to, you can come over to my place and we could talk about it. It's not good to keep everything bubbled up inside you.". He seemed like he really concerned about me. "Sure, thanks."

                             I got into his car and he started driving. He put on the radio and Viva La Vida by Coldplay came on. He started singing along to it. He had such an amazing voice and I couldn't help but comment. "You have a really good voice!" "Why thank you! I hear it all around the world." That confused me ALOT. "What do you mean by 'You've heard it all around the world?'" I asked him. "You don't know? I'm in the band One Direction." "Oh yeah........One Direction..." I said. "Do you not like One Direction?" "Well, EVERY SINGLE GIRL at school always talks about One Direction and it just gets pretty annoying. No offense, though." "I understand. It can get pretty annoying. Have you heard our music?" "No." "Here, let me show you." he said as he changed the radio station. After a couple One Direction songs, we got to his house.

            Niall's P.O.V.:

                            We got inside and i hung her coat up. We heard the boys upstairs. "Oh yeah. Did I mention that I share this house with the boys?" All of a sudden, they came running down the stairs. "Who is that?" Louis asked. "This is Sydney. Sydney, this is Louis, Harry, and-wait, where's Liam and Zayn?" From upstairs, we heard laughing and yelling. Zayn came running down the stairs laughing his pants off and Liam came down soaking wet. "I swear, Zayn! If you ever dump icewater on me while I'm sleeping EVER AGAIN, you will fall asleep one night and NEVER WAKE UP." Liam said. Zayn just looked at him scared. "And this is Zayn over here and Liam, the guy who's drenched in icewater! This is Sydney." They said hi and Sydney and I went to my room to talk. She told me all about Penny and her diagnoses. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry..." "Thanks for listening. Most people would drown out during half of it." "Well I wouldn't."

             Sydney's P.O.V.:

                             We were in the car talking when he asked me a question. "Hey, I was wondering if maybe we could exchange phone numbers, you know, in case you ever wanna hang out or something." "Sure!" I found a piece of papwer and gave him my number. He did the same. We were a block from my apartment when we saw firetrucks and ambulences. Then I noticed where they were. They were at my apartment.


          Ok we're going to bed now. We'll post more tomorrow! Night night! -Hannah and Carly

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