Because of You

Sydney is a normal 18 year old girl. She has a great family, great friends, and overall a great life. But everything turns around when her best friend, Penny, dies from leukemia. She gives up on everything. But then she meets Niall Horan at the grocery store and her life changed. She gets to know him and she realizes that he is the one.


12. Police

             Anne's P.O.V.:

                         Ring. Ring. "Hello this is the police department. How may I help you?" "Hello! I am Anne Marco and Zayn Malik was at the store when some girl knocked him out with a book, tied his hands behind his back, and shoved him into the trunk of a car! He called me, but then the girl threw his phone to the ground!" "You have to prove it, Mrs. Marco. We get a million calls a day saying that someone from One Direction has gotten hurt." "Here. You can talk to Harry." I handed the phone to Harry. "Hello? This is Harry Styles. Zayn did get kidnapped. Anne was talking to him over the phone." he said. "Ok!" She asked a few more questions like what's your address.

                         After about fifteen minutes, the police arrrived. "Hello. So, do you have a shirt or something that our dogs can pick up the scent of?" "Yes. I'll go get one." said Harry. He ran upstairs and quickly came down with a red t-shirt. "Here, this should do." said Harry. "Thanks. We will call you when we find him." "Ok." said Anne.

                 Louis' P.O.V.:

                        Eventually, they left. We all sat down, but then Anne got up. "What are you doing?" asked Meredith. "I'm not going to just sit here while Zayn could be getting raped by that bitch. I'm going to find him." she said as she slipped her purple jacket on and went out the door.

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