Because of You

Sydney is a normal 18 year old girl. She has a great family, great friends, and overall a great life. But everything turns around when her best friend, Penny, dies from leukemia. She gives up on everything. But then she meets Niall Horan at the grocery store and her life changed. She gets to know him and she realizes that he is the one.


11. Phone Call

         Anne's P.O.V.:

                  I was getting a little worried. Why isn't Zayn home yet? I grabbed my phone and called him. No answer. I tried again. Still no answer. I ran into the living room where everyone was watching tv. "Guys, I'm getting worried. Why is Zayn taking so long?" I asked, shaking. Meredith came over to me and hugged me. "Don't worry, Anne. There's probably a long line at the checkout area or something." she said. "Yeah probably." I said, unsurely. We sat on the couch and watched tv.

         Zayn's P.O.V.:

                   I woke up, but it was dark. I was in the trunk of a car. I started to freak out, but then I realized that I had my phone with me. Somehow, I was able to get it out of my back pocket and I dialed Anne's number. "Zayn! I was so worried! What's taking so long?" she said. "Anne! Help me! Someone knocked me out and now I'm in the trunk of a car with my hands tied behind my back!" I said, trying to be a little quiet. "Oh my god! We'll call the police! I promi-" Suddenely, the trunk opened. There was a girl that looked like she was about 17. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she screamed. She took my phone and threw it on the ground, causing it to break into pieces. She took the book and knocked me out again. 

          Liam's P.O.V.:

                    "What's wrong?!" we all screamed. "Zayn's been kidnapped! Someone knocked him out, tied his hands behind his back, and shoved him into the trunk of a car! It was a girl because right before the call got disconnected, I heard a girl say, 'What the hell do you think you're doing?!' We have to call the police!" screamed Anne. I got my phone out and called the police. 

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