Because of You

Sydney is a normal 18 year old girl. She has a great family, great friends, and overall a great life. But everything turns around when her best friend, Penny, dies from leukemia. She gives up on everything. But then she meets Niall Horan at the grocery store and her life changed. She gets to know him and she realizes that he is the one.


5. I Love You

          Elizabeth's P.O.V.:

                       I was in my apartment cleaning out my dresser. I had way too many old shirts in there. Then I heard the fire alarm go off. I freaked out and tried to run, but my foot was stuck to the floor. I felt the room get heated and then I saw the flames. They were about to touch me and - I woke up from my dream. I looked at the clock. 2 a.m. I got up and went to Louis' room. I opened the door a little bit and saw him sleeping. "Louis? Louis wake up." I said. His eyes opened and he looked at me. "Oh hey Elizabeth. Why are you up?" he said, rubbing his eyes. "I had a nightmare." I said. He patted the side of the bed he wasn't sleeping on and I laid next to him. "What happened in your nightmare? If it's too scary to talk about, you don't have to tell me." he said. "Well, I was cleaning my closet out in my apartment and there was a fire, like what happened today. I tried to run, but my foot was stuck." I said. "Well at least it wasn't real." "Yeah. I have a whole life ahead of me still." I said looking up at the ceiling.

                       Louis and I kept talking and talking. Then he told me about the time he was dared to go into the girl's bathroom and kiss the first girl he saw. He got a detention! I was laughing so hard! "Wait, so you actually went in the girl's bathrrom and kissed a girl?" "Yep." he said. After a while, I finally calmed down. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at me. Then he started to lean forward. I leaned forward also. Soon, our lips were touching. It lasted a couple seconds. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. "Elizabeth, right when I saw you today, I fell in love with you. I was scared to tell you because I thought that you didn't like me back." he said. "I love you too, Louis." I said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he said, nervously. "I'd love to be your girlfriend." I said as I hugged him. After a while, we fell asleep.

           Zayn's P.O.V.:

                       I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Ann. I gotta go get some fresh air. I climbed out of bed and went to the balcony. I started to hum Summer Love when I heard a voice behind me. "Can't sleep either, huh?" I jumped and turned around. It was Ann. "Yeah. Haven't got any sleep." "Me too." she said as she came by me. We looked out at the lake. "It's so beautiful. You guys are so lucky that you can afford a house like this by the lake." she said. "Ann, I really like you. I want you to be my girl. You don't have to say yes." I said quietly. "Zayn, I want to be your girl. Yes. I love you." she said with a huge smile on her face. We held hands and looked at the lake.

           Liam's P.O.V.:

                      I got up and quietly walked down the hallway. I looked into Louis' room and saw him and Elizabeth sleeping. AWWWW! I kept walking and saw Zayn and Ann on the balcony making out. Ok then....I went to the guest bedroom and saw Meredith and Sydney sleeping. I left a note by Meredith. It said, "Dear Meredith, I really love you. Will you be my girlfriend? I'm too scared to ask you face to face, so I wrote this note. I'll be the best boyfriend ever. Let me know when you wake up. - Liam". I hope she says yes....

           Niall's P.O.V.:

                      I woke up at 5:30, so I decided to go make breakfast. As I was walking down the stairs, I smelled eggs and bacon. I saw Sydney cooking breakfast. She was singing. She had an amzing voice! "Good morning!" I said to her. She jumped and I laughed. I ran to her and picked her up like a baby. "Put me down!" she yelled as she laughed. "I'll put you  down...on one condition." I said. "What?" she said. "Will you go out with me, Sydney?" She smiled really big. "Yes! I'll go out with you!" she said happily. I smiled  really big. "Now, can you put me down?" "Oh yeah, sure!" I put her down and she kissed me on the cheek. I knew this was going to be a great day. 



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