Hated You

I have always hated 1D. I really have no idea why, I just thought they were some sort of fad that would end. Its probably because they took a lot of the fame away from Justin Bieber. I loved JB and ever since one direction happened, he had been way less popular:( I was listening to the radio, and the station had a contest to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. At least, thats what I thought. I entered and won, but when i found out that they were One Direction tickets.......well, you wouldn't have wanted to be there. It also didn't help that I found out when I was at the concert and that I had backstage passes for me and my friend.


2. work days are borring

Rose's POV

  I ran into the coffee shop as fast as i could. (Yes i work at a coffee shop, stop laughing. Some of us can't find good paying jobs.) I saw one of my only other friends Trina, look up from the cash register. "Slow the flip down or your gonna kill someone." she told me, holding her hands up. "Guess what?!!!!" i said in a hushed whisper. " Lets see.....im guessing you won tickets to some famous persons concert?" She asked me. Yes, Trina was psychic. I have weird friends, believe me i know. It still kinda scared me when she did that.

  "Yes, and the tickets are to a Justin Bieber concert!!!!!!!" I whisper-yelled to her. "Oh. my. god.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. She stood up on the counter and started doing the chicken dance. The other people in the cafe stared at her. Then she seemed to realize what she was doing and got off the counter, her cheeks flushing a pale pink.

   "Well, are u inviting me or not?' she asked me. "I really dont know Trina, it kinda depends. " Oh,ok thats fine." she turned back to the cash register just as another customer walked in. " Rose, your already late to work and now your talking to your friend. Get back here and help me finish making these doughnuts." I turned to see my manger standing in the door way to the kitchen, looking pissed. I followed her into the kitchen. Great. Doughnuts. My least favorite food. Yum.


  7 Hours later

'That was the longest day of my entire existence." Trina said to me as we walked to our cars. " I second that." I said. " See you later.' I told her. I opened my car door and got in. i started the car and turned on the radio. A One Direction commercial was on. God, did the radio always have to have something involving One Direction on?!

" Hi we're One Direction, and we want to meet you." They said at the same time. Creeps. "You can win tickets to our concert and get backstage passes to meet all of the band." Niall said in that horrid Irish accent that made him sound like a sick cow. "You will also get a signed copy of our new album and a------" "Shut the hell up ." I said as i flipped off the radio.

  I pulled the car into the driveway of the apartment and got out. Now all i have to do is tell Bree that I got tickets to JB. That's another thing, Bree HATES Justin Bieber, and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES 1D. Me and my best friend have nothing in common except that we agree that Taylor Lautner has great abs.


        Authors Note

Chapter 2 everybody. Yay. (applause) Sorry it toke to long to update.The computer broke. The laptop wouldn't connect to the internet. Fail. So.... anyway, I might be thinking about getting a co-author. Anyways, Bye lovelies:)



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