Hated You

I have always hated 1D. I really have no idea why, I just thought they were some sort of fad that would end. Its probably because they took a lot of the fame away from Justin Bieber. I loved JB and ever since one direction happened, he had been way less popular:( I was listening to the radio, and the station had a contest to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. At least, thats what I thought. I entered and won, but when i found out that they were One Direction tickets.......well, you wouldn't have wanted to be there. It also didn't help that I found out when I was at the concert and that I had backstage passes for me and my friend.


1. Radio Contest

Rose's POV

I combed through my messy blond curls and put my long hair into a braid. "Hurry up."my friend Bree said, pounding on the door. "Your gonna be late to work again, and your manager is probably going to kill you. And your not the only one who needs to use the bathroom, i still have to comb my hair, and put on mascara and eyeliner and eyeshadow and----"                  "I get it Bree, now please shut up." I said to her. I opened the door and She stuck her tongue out and brushed passed me and walked into the bathroom. I sighed and walked down the stairs. I grabbed my keys off the clear glass coffee table and grabbed my coat and walked outside. I looked up into the pale pink sky and rubbed my eyes. I opened the car door and started the ignition. I drove down the road and turned on the radio. You'll never guess who was on the radio. One Direction. Oh wonderful. but the song was at the end, thank god for that. The man's voice on the radio came on and he started doing the morning weather report. I'm kinda embarrassed to say this, but im in love with his voice. It was just so sexy. i turned the volume up louder, and then he started talking about winning tickets. "How would any of you lucky ladies out there like to win tickets to see the hottest sensation in the U.K.?!" He asked. Of course he was talking about JB. " The 120th caller will win tickets to the------" My old radio shut off. "Stupid thing." I muttered as i tried to turn it on. i finally got it back on and just caught the end of what he was saying. " The 120th caller will also win backstage passes." "OK, now where is my phone? I have to call in and get the tickets." I said to myself. i finally found my phone and dialed the number. the phone rang once until someone on the other end picked it up. "Hello." i said into the phone. "Congratulations Miss, you are the 120th caller." the man said on the other end. I screamed so loud people could probably here me outside the car. "Um...Miss, can you be quiet please,oh ouch, you can scream loud." He said. "Oh, Sorry."I said, embarrassed. "We will just need your address so we can mail the tickets to you." I gave my address to him and hung up the phone. I  was actually going to meet Justin Bieber!!!!!!:)


     Author's Note

So..... what do you guys think? Do you like it, or should i add more detail? And let me know if you guys like Justin Bieber or One Direction.If anyone has any ideas about the story, just tell me. I will probably only be updating only once a week on Saturday or Sunday, so sorry about that. i will update more if i can:)

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