Hated You

I have always hated 1D. I really have no idea why, I just thought they were some sort of fad that would end. Its probably because they took a lot of the fame away from Justin Bieber. I loved JB and ever since one direction happened, he had been way less popular:( I was listening to the radio, and the station had a contest to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. At least, thats what I thought. I entered and won, but when i found out that they were One Direction tickets.......well, you wouldn't have wanted to be there. It also didn't help that I found out when I was at the concert and that I had backstage passes for me and my friend.


5. I is back:D

Rose's POV


I stared at myself in the mirror. Bree was looking over my shoulder impatiently. "Well... what do you think?" I could barely answer. it looked like she had completely reconstructed my face.My nose was somehow smaller then before, my eyes were a brighter shade of blue. My hair looked longer, but i don't think Bree put in any extensions. My eye-lashes were longer, but i could tell that i wasn't wearing mascara or fake eyelashes. My cheekbones also looked higher up on my face. I had no idea how the heck Bree did this, but it was amazing.

  "I fucking love it.' i told her in a whisper. She  smiled and said, " Don't worry, none of it will come off for at least three weeks."

" Thank god. But how did you do something like this? It looks like plastic surgery!" i asked.

"I guess i just have a way with cosmetics."


Day of the Concert

As Bree and i drove to the concert, i was having a freak out. I pulled a mirror out of my purse and added a little more eye-liner to my eyes. " So..... you ready to meet Justin?" Bree asked, with a smirk. "No. I'll probably fangirl and it will be super embarrassing." I replied staring ahead, trying not to freak out.

" Well, were here, so you'd better fangirl before we go inside."

"Oh god, oh god oh god ohmygod." I breathed out really fast before we walked in. I took one deep breath, and stepped inside with Bree.

   We walked over to the people who were collecting tickets from everyone, and handed ours to them.

" Let us gooo!" Bree said childishly and we went through the doors.

we I was inside, i was greeted with the worst possible thing that could happen to me. Ever single girl in there was wearing One Direction T-shirts, and holding up One Direction posters.

I was at a One Direction concert.



Author's Note

As you can tell by this chapter....I'm back:D YAY!!!! I decided to keep writing this cuz of  Kayte . (That's her movellas username by the way) So this chapter is dedicated to her. I probably won't be able to update tomorrow because i am sick. My mum barley let me go on to write this chapter. But thanks to all of my amazing readers:) Please remember to....











                                                Bye Bye lovelies:)



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