Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


7. Surprise

   It was time for the thing that Harry had planned for me. We were standing outside waiting for a car to pick us up. I looked over at Harry and he seemed really fidgety, he just couldn't keep still. Occasionally he would always lift his arm, pull his sleeve back and look at his watch. Finally, a black car came up to the drub and Harry opened the door while gesturing me to go into the car first. He smiled at me which caused me to smile back at him. I slid into the car and took a seat.

   We were off by then but nothing really seemed to change. Harry still was fidgety but he was on his phone 24/7. What is he doing? He made the plans for me yet he won't even try to keep up a conversation. I glared at Harry while he was just texting the car ride away. He would sometimes look over and give me a sweet smile but that was all. Soon even we reached a building, a building that looked very unfamiliar.

   Harry walked over to one of the doors and opened it. I scanned the room and it was really dark. Harry grabbed my hand and led my around a corner and there were 4 scenes set up.

   "Let's go for a ride!" Harry said excitedly running towards a car that looked a lot like the one in 'Kiss You'. I stood there just staring at him run like a little kid towards the car. He looks back at me just standing in one place so he runs over, grabs my hand and drags me over.

   Harry hops into the drivers seat and i sit down beside him. He pretends to drive around and he looks over to smile at me. Harry was having the time of his life so I just decided to join him. Sure it was cheesy, but it was really cute! I lightly tapped his arm and pointed up the at the sky looking amused. Harry looks up and gasps. Shortly after that he laughed. I smiled at his laugh because it was just so adorable!

   "Oh, we're here!" Harry hops out of the car and runs over to my side of the car. He lends out a hand and helps me out of the car.

   Harry takes my hand and runs over to a beach scenery. Harry started taking off his shoes and placed his feet in the sand.

   "Ah, so relaxing!" Harry lies down in the sand, smiling up at the sky, "Are you not going to lie down with me?" Harry looks at me. I laughed and joined Harry.

   We were just laying there on the sand just enjoying the sunlight. I soon felt sand hit my face. I sat up straight with a shocked face looking at Harry lying on his back laughing.

   "Harry!" I said.

   "What?" Harry looked at me, trying to be innocent.

   "Don't you dare act like you did nothing!" I slightly raised my voice playfully. He shrugged his shoulder and looked away, "Oh it's on!" I stood up and started to kick sand at Harry. Harry then got up and started to kick some back.

   Harry ended the sand fight by grabbing my wrist and running towards the next scenery. Harry walked over to a pile of clothes and tossed a jacket at me.

   "It's gonna get chilly!" Harry grabbed skiis and walks over to the snow.

   Harry started pretending to go skiing and I joined him just slightly after. I noticed that Harry would always glance over to the last scenery and looked more concentrated then happy.

   "Let's go to the next one!" I said putting away the skiis.

   "Ok," Harry put his stuff away as well and we walked into the next one.

   This scene was in Paris. Light filled the room with the Eiffel tower behind a table with a white cloth over it. I spun around slowly, scanning the room. There were rose petals scattered around the floor and candle lit on the table.

   "For you," Harry said pulling out a chair for me.

   'This is-"

   "Amazing, I know," Harry smiles while he takes a seat.

   I was still looking around the room, taking in all the details. I spotted Niall coming into the scene holding a guitar. Behind him was Liam, Louis and Zayn. They all circled the table and Niall started to strum a song. I covered my mouth in shock but I couldn't help but laugh. I look at Harry and he was smiling at me. They started to sing Wanted by Hunter Hayes.

   "Wow, I was not expecting this," I laughed.

   "Here is your dinner!" Liam said pulling out a bag of Nandos from behind him.

   "Nandos, classy," I smiled at Harry.

   Me and Harry sat down in Paris eating dinner while the rest of the boys sang songs for us. It was a bit awkward for me because the rest of the boys were just watching my every moment and were listening to Harry and I's conversation. Other than that, it was a very relaxing and fun evening that Harry planned.

   "Boys, can you give us some privacy?" Harry asked. All the boys nodded and left the room, "Care to dance?" Harry lends out a hand and I just started to blush like crazy. I took his hand and we danced without any music. He placed his hands on my waist while my hands were rested on his shoulders. We danced for a while and then Harry spun me around and pulled me close. Me and Harry stared into each other's eyes. His eyes shimmered in the light as he smiled, showing his dimples.

   Harry placed his lips on mine and my eyes widen with shock.


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