Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


2. Starbucks

   It's been exactly 5 months since the car accident. Harry calls me occasionally, probably 2-3 times a month but it's understandable. He has been on tour ever since he left me with a kiss on the cheek. I always think back to he day I was hanging out with Harry and wish it was even longer but there is nothing that I can do. Until today, I heard my phone ringing so I ran into my room and looked at my phone. 'Harry Styles' was written on my phone. I slide it open and held it closely to my ear.

   "Hey Harry, how's the tour?" I asked.

   "I'm going to come pick you up, get ready," Harry demanded.

   "Wait, wha-" He hung up the phone and all that was left was the beeping.

   Was he serious? He didn't even explain to me where we were going. Hmm, now I'm curious but first I've got to get ready. I lay out a few outfits on my bed and pick the best one. It took me about 1 hour to get ready before I heard a knock on the door. I finished up my make-up and ran downstairs. I took a deep breathe before reaching for the door knob.

   "Hey, ready?" Harry asked.

   "Yeah, if I may ask, where are we going?" I stared at him.

   "Starbucks, a Starbucks date," He sends me a cheeky smile which causes me to smile with him.

   "Alright," I shut the door behind me and get into his car.

   No one was talking throughout most of the car ride, it was pretty awkward. I heard a song softly playing in the background. It was too quiet for me to pick out any of the words but Harry started to sing along.

   "Don't you know this song?" Harry asked while looking over at me.

   "No, I'm sorry," I frowned at him. He then turned up the volume and went full out.

   "It's my song, the boys song, One Direction!" He smiled at me.

   "Oh, yeah... no wonder it sounded familiar," I sent him a smile but looked away and was so embarrassed.

   "Awe, it ended," Harry frowned, "Oh well, we are here anyways," He pulled into a parking lot and then we both got out.

   We started to slowly walk towards Starbucks. I felt something brush my hand and it was Harry's hand, I slightly gasped and looked back up like I didn't see anything. His fingers tickled my palm as he was about to grab my hand. He suddenly stopped and a girl screamed.

   "Harry Styles!" The girl screamed, which caused a bunch of other people to whip their heads around to look in our direction.

   Soon enough we were crowded by a bunch of screaming girls trying to reach Harry. Some girl elbowed me in the stomach and someone smacked me in the head with their bag. It was absolutely hectic and it was nothing I've ever seen before. I hunched over in pain as I left the crowd of people. I looked at all the screaming girls and Harry in the middle of it. I frowned to myself and started to walk towards Starbucks alone.

   "Caroline!" I hear Harry shout, I turn around. I see his arm stick out of the crowd. I walked over and grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the crowd. "Whew," Harry started to brush himself off.

   "Who is this?" A girl that looked like Crayola had a party on her face asked.

   "Just a friend, please if we can have some time alone," Harry asked politely and then started to turn around.

   "Is he an old friend?" I could hear the attitude in her voice.

   "He?!" I lifted my arm but Harry grabbed it, I took and deep breath and lowered my arm.

   "Sorry, but I can't tell the difference!" She gave me an evil smirk.

   "Hey don't talk to her like that!" Harry shouted.

   "Really? Well I don't like talking to clowns," I yelled at her. Her face went into a shocked look and I stuck out my tongue as Harry started to bring me inside.

   "Really?" Harry asked me looking disappointed. I frowned, "But that was pretty good," He laughed.

   "Your fans," I shook my head.

   "Most of them are really kind," Harry said.

   "I just wanted to pounce on her and just-" I looked up at Harry with a frightened face, "Ha, sorry,"

   We ordered our drinks and sat down in a seat by a corner so nobody else could spot us.

   "So how has the tour been?" I asked.

   "It's been good, very long and tiring but I love doing what I do," He said taking a sip of his drink.

   We spent hours and hours laughing and bonding with every second that passed by us. It was amazing, how well we clicked. It was like I've known him my whole life, it was like he was my best friend and I could talk to him about everything. The way he laughs, smiles, talks, fixes his hair... he's perfect. Every little thing he does just puts a smile on my face. There is just something about him that is just so loveable.

   "Wow, the fans here," I hear a guy with an Irish accent say.

   "Niall!" Harry shouts while standing up waving at the guy.

   "Hey boys, he's in here!" Niall yells outside. 3 other guys walk in with the blonde fellow.

   "Hey Harry," One of them says.

   "Boys, this is the amazing Caroline I have been telling you about," Harry nervously smiles at me.

   "Hi," I stand up and smile at all the boys. I thought Harry was a perfect guy but all these guys are just perfect as well.

   "Hey!" The blonde one says, "I'm Niall," He reaches his arms out to hug me. I hug him back and he whispers "Harry talks a lot about you," I pull away and he winks at me.

   "I'm Liam," He waves at me and smiles.

   "I'm Louis," He offers me his hand and I shake it.

   "Guys, why do we have to introduce ourselves?" The other guy asks.

   "She's not familiar with One Direction," Harry looks at him.

   "I'm Zayn," He smiles at me.

   "Nice to meet you all, so you're Niall, you're Liam, you're Louis, and you're Zayn," They all nod their head and I smile because I'm proud of myself, I point at Harry "Who are you again?" I look at him confused. He laughs and pulls me into a hug. He pulls away and looks into my eyes.

   "How can you not remember this face?" Harry does a seducing face which causes my heart to race.

   "Ah, you're Harry," I smile at him.

   "I have to go to a premiere but you're welcome to come," Harry smiles at me. I look at the other boys and they are all smiling at me.

   "Sorry, I would love to but I don't think my mom would," I frowned at Harry and he took my face in his hands.

   "Really?" He leaned closer to my face.

   "Uh, yeah.. really," I gulped.

   "You sure?" He leaned even closer to my face.

   "Yes Harry I'm sure!" I said quickly and looked away. My heart was bound to pound out of my chest if he came any closer.

   "C'mon lads, let's bring her home," Niall said.

   "Way, to ruin the moment," Louis smacked Niall.

   "What?" Niall asked, all the boys were shaking their heads at Niall while they were walking towards the door, "What did I do?!" Niall chased the boys. Harry let go of my face and took my hand and lead my outside.

   Me and Harry took a separate car than the rest of the boys. The cars went different ways, probably because the rest of the boys had to get ready for the premiere they were heading to. Harry stopped in front of my house and looked at me.

   "Don't forget to watch me on T.V!" He chuckled to himself.

   "I won't," I pulled the door handle but Harry placed his hand on top of mine, "Yes?" I stared into Harry's eyes. Harry's eyes were deeply locked with the gaze of mine, until he traced my lips with his eyes. I sat there not knowing what to do but just stare at him. I felt his hand clench a bit before he started to slowly lean in. I closed my eyes tightly, nervous that this was happening. A loud car horn quickly started to blare in the distance.

   "What's the hold up?!" A man yelled.

   The car horn stopped Harry from leaning any closer to me. He dropped his head and looked down. He pulled his hand away from me and sat up straight in his seat.

   "Good night Caroline," He smiled at me.

   I slid out of his car and stood on the sidewalk and watched Harry drive away.

   "Freaking attractive guys that get dates and hold up traffic just to kiss their precious girl good bye!" I heard a man say as he drove away. I made a confused face and just walked towards my house like none of that happened.

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