Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


5. Skype Call

"What are you doing?" I asked the girl. Her eyes widened as fear struck them. She got all choked up before running away with all of her friends. "Uh, ok.." I was super confused.

   "What just happened?" Aiden asked.

   "I have no idea," I just stared at Aiden, trying to process what just happened. I see Leah walking towards me and Aiden holding 2 drinks.

   "Hey Leah!" I started to wave in her direction, just pretending that nothing happened.

   "Hey!" She started to walk a bit faster, "I decided to buy you a drink just because Ican," She smiled but then she suddenly stopped. I noticed that she leaned a bit to see what was behind me, "Who is this hottie?" She smiles at Aiden.

   "Oh this is Aiden, Aiden this is my friend Leah," I took the drink from her hand.

   "Aiden, I have always loved that name," She slid over beside him and just smiled, "If I knew you were going to be here then I would've bought you one too!" She frowned cutely at him.

   "Oh no, its fine, really. Are you two just walking around Italy?" He asked, staring at Leah.

   "Yeah we are," She smiled widely at him.

   "Maybe I can show you guys around a bit," He returned the smile to her.

   "I don't know, I am a bit tired out," I slouched, frowning at the both of them.

   "Come on!" Leah glared at me deep in the eyes.

   "Fine, fine," I smiled as she looked back at Aiden smiling.

   Aiden started to show us around Italy and it was amazing. I don't think me and Leah would ever find any of the places if we continued to roam Italy by ourselves. It was really beautiful and nice. Especially for Leah because she was linking arms with Aiden that whole time while I was just following the two of them around. At one point Aiden told Leah to stop and just stand there while he sketched her with the moonlight in the back. Leah was just non-stop smiling throughout the whole thing. After an hour, Aiden brought us back to the hotel.

   "Go up before me!" Leah pushed me through the doors of the hotel and continued to talk to Aiden.

   I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I laughed. I went upstairs to our hotel room and jumped onto the bed. I grabbed the laptop and logged into it. I heard a skype call and 'Harry Styles' popped up. I clicked answer with video and I gussied up before the video opened.

   "Where are you?" Harry said with a slight of anger in his voice.

   "Italy! It's so nice here," I smiled cheekily at him.

   "Yeah, who are you with?" Harry seemed to be angry.

   "Myself," I pushed my eyebrows together in confusion.

   "I meant who were you hanging with," Harry corrected himself.

   "I was hanging with Leah," I said slowly, confused of all the questions.

   "Stop giving me crap! Who is the guy?!" Harry raised his voice.

   "Just some guy," I tried to explain.

   "Some guy, well it didn't look like it in the photo!" Harry started to yell.

   "Photos?" My eyes widened, photos?

   "Don't play stupid!" Harry started to get even more mad.

   "What are you talking about?! What did I do?!" My voice started to rise as well but I didn't notice.

   "Stop hanging out with him and come back," Harry started to calm down a bit.

   "Why are you being like this?! Why do you care who I hang out with? What is wrong with you?!" I started to yell at him because I was frustrated and confused. I saw Harry look down at the ground, calming down. He scratched the back of his neck as he relaxed himself.

   "I'm sorry," He hung up the call.

   What the heck? Is there something wrong with Harry? Wow... I have never seen him like this before. Wait, photos! I opened my twitter and my mentions were going crazy! All the tweets either said 'slut' 'what is wrong with you' 'how could you?' or something different. But the tweets were not very kind. I saw a tweet with photo, so I opened it. It was me with Aiden and the moon in the background. It was when we were on the bridge... the girl. I started to get worried and sad with all the hate I was receiving but why was I even receiving the hate in the first place? Even though it hurt to read the tweets, I continued to read them, just to find out why they were sending hate.

   After a bit,I found out that the directioners thought that I was dating Harry. I opened up a tweet and wrote 'Guys, I am not dating Harry! I am not cheating..' I clicked tweet and just hoped for the best.

   "Hey!" Leah slammed open the door and gracefully walked in, dancing everywhere.

   "Someone has had a good time," I smiled and closed the laptop.

   "It was perfect, I got his number!" She squealed and fell backwards onto the bed.

   "Ou, are you going to text the night away," I raised my eyebrows at her and smiled.

   "Shut up!" She lightly smacked me, "I'm going to go shower,"

   I opened up the laptop again and checked twitter. I re-read all the messages and frowned. I know that it was just a misunderstanding but it still hurts. I am also still curious of why Harry acted to strangely.

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