Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


6. Last Day In italy

    Aiden, Leah and I decided to go to a cafe early in the morning for the last day in Italy. We all got a nice soothing drink and just chatted the morning away. Ever since we got to Italy, Aiden has been such a real sweetheart to both me and Leah. It makes me sad just thinking about how today is the last day that we get to spend with Aiden.

   "This really sucks, this is the last day that we get to spend with you!" I said frowning at Aiden.

   "Maybe one day I will visit London," Aiden replied.

   "Yeah you should!" Leah said smiling cheekily at Aiden. I quickly joined Leah smiling at Aiden afterwards.

   After we finished our drinks we decided to do a little shopping and getting all the stuff that we wanted from Italy before we leave. I felt bad for Aiden because all me and Leah were doing was dragging him around everywhere. Me and Leah probably bought everything that the mall has to offer. We spent hours going from store to store just buying all the stuff that we liked. Even though we went shopping for a while, we still had some time left before the flight left so we all decided to go to the beach. We all got to the beach and we picked a shady spot to lay down our stuff. It was a beautiful sunset but it was pretty warm outside for a sunset.

   "Oh my goodness, there is a really cute guy over there!" Leah jumps up from where she is sitting and runs over to the boy.

   Aiden looked over at me and smiled. It was just me and him and my heart started racing. Butterflies soared whenever he smiled. He was just so freaking attractive. Whenever me and him talk the conversations are just endless. I feel so comfortable around him and it was nothing I felt before. There was just something about him that would always get my heart going.

   He was looking into my eyes and his eyes were very relaxed looking. I caught him catching a glimpse of my lips. Before I knew it my lips were pressed against his. It felt like this was meant to happen, like it was a part of this moment.

   "I got his number!" Leah shouts excitedly.

   I pulled away from Aiden's lips even though I never wanted to.

   "Really?" I smiled at her.

   "Nice!" Aiden said, still staring at me.

   "Yeah, oh my gosh. He lives in England, he came here for a vacation!" Leah squealed.

   "Really? When is his flight?" I looked at her, trying not to pay attention to Aiden.


   The last day in Italy came to an end. Me and Leah were in the airport with our luggages waiting for Aiden. My phone buzzed and it was from Aiden 'Sorry, I can't make it. I'm stuck at work :( bye!'. I frowned at the text and stood up to get in line.

   "Aiden isn't going to come, let's go," I told Leah. She got up with me and we started to line up.

   We got on the plane and Leah was flirting 24/7 with this boy. She just did not want to stop. At some points I swear she forgot I was even on the plane with her. It didn't seem long before we were in England. I got off the plane with Leah but she was still talking to that boy. I decided to get my luggage because if I waited there then it would've taken forever. I head over to where the luggages are and carefully scanned each one to see which one was mine.

   I look across form where I was waiting and I saw Harry also staring down at the luggages. He looked up and my instant reaction was to wave. Harry's eyes widened and he furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion but he waved back. He looks back down and grabs a luggage. He started to walk over to me and I started to panic a little but quickly calmed down.

   "Where you coming from?" I asked, staring at his hand tightly grasped around the handle of his luggage.

   "Me and the boys had to do a quick interview in Switzerland," Harry slightly smiles, not showing any teeth, "Oh, and sorry about that skype call. I wasn't myself that day ," Harry shakes his head and looks at the ground.

   "Oh, its fine," I look down to see a luggage with 'Caroline' written on the tag, "There's my luggage!" I pick it up with one hand and bring it close to my side, "See you later!" I smiled at him and turned around to walk away.

   Harry's hand quickly warps around my arm before I could even take a step away. I turn back to look at him, curious of why he had done that.

   Harry said, "I have something planned for you,"

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