Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


4. Italy

   I opened my eyes to the ceiling and rolled over. Hm, Harry wasn't there. I pushed myself off the bed to sit up straight. My hand traces the spot where Harry had slept. From the corner of my eye I see a note stuck to the pillow. I lightly pick it up off of the pillow and begin to read it. 'Sorry, I had to leave early. I had an interview to do, love - Harry'. I found myself smiling at the note and reading it in his voice. I set the note aside and make my way downstairs, after doing all of the morning routine stuff of course. I hear my front door slam open and I see my friend Leah standing in my living room. She spots me and starts to smile very widely.

   "What?" I asked.

   "We're going to Italy!" She screams and holds up to airplane tickets.

   "What?!" I said shocked.

   "C'mon, no time to waste! Our flight leaves in an hour, lets go!" She pushes me upstairs and helps me pack my things.

   "You know, you still haven't made it quite clear why we are going to Italy," I said.

   "We have catching up to do, y'know!" She smiles and continues tossing clothes into a luggage.

   "In Italy? Can't we do it in the comfort of my home?" I asked.

   "Nah, that's too mainstream, now lets go!" She picks up the luggage and runs downstairs with them. I quickly get dressed and follow her downstairs. I grabbed the house keys off of the coffee table in the living room and looked around to see if I was forgetting anything else. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and ran downstairs. I sighed and ran out the door while grabbing my jacket. I locked the door behind me and saw Leah putting the luggage into the trunk of her car. "C'mon!" She opens the drivers seat and sits down.

   I run over to the passengers seat and hop in beside her. She screams excitedly before driving down the road. We cranked up the radio and started to sing our hearts out until we reached the airport. It was probably the most fun I've had since my best friend left for college. Her college was in another city so she had to leave, which was heart breaking. She never told me when she was coming back so when she randomly showed up it surprised me.

   We finally reached the airport and I was helping Leah take all of the things out of the trunk and into the airport. It took us a while until we found our flight and we were on the urge of being late so we had to time to catch up there. But once we got onto the plane, settled into our first class seats, yes, Leah got us first class tickets to Italy, we had time to talk.

   "So what's new with you?" Leah asked, turning her head to me.

   "I think I should go after you, because I have got some crazy news," I said lightly chuckling, thinking back to meeting Harry.

   "Fine, well I met this really really cute guy," She sighed smiling, "He's perfect, he's smart, cute, popular! School is good, it's pretty fancy there too! Anyways, that's it. Anything new with you? How are you and Luke?" She winks at me.

   "Well," I drag on the 'l' "We aren't exactly, how do I say this, together," She looked at me with a blank expression.

   "You guys were perfect!" She starts to break down and cry.

   "In the process of that, I met another guy," I laugh and rub the back of my neck, "Harry Styles," I look up at her waiting for a crazy reaction.

   "That's funny it sounded like you said Harry Styles," She laughs as I stare at her with a look that says 'I did say that'. Her jaw drops and she just stares at me with her eyes widened, "Stop lying to me,"

   "I am not lying to you, here!" I take out my phone and scroll down to Harry Styles in my contact list. I show her and she still didn't approve, "Okay, fine don't believe me, just check twitter," She pushes her eyebrows together and stares at me with suspicion in her eyes. She takes her phone out and checks her twitter. A smile on her face grows as she shows her phone to me.

   "That's you! You and Harry walking into Starbucks! All the directioners love you, ou, except this one!" Leah showed me her phone again and I recognized her as the girl who classified me as a man.

   "Yeah, we both aren't very fond of each other," I rolled my eyes and looked to the front of the airplane. I noticed that the flight attendees were pushing carts down with food, "Mm, food!"

   I was sitting there anxiously waiting for my food while Leah was still wrapped around the thought of me meeting Harry. When we got our food she wanted me to explain to her what caused me and Harry to meet. I told her everything, to the cheating, the car accident, and until the mall. At this point Leah was furious with Luke but still hungover by me meeting Harry. We finally arrived in Italy and when we got off of the plane I instantly noticed the moon shining bright over the beautiful Italy. We got a cab and took it to our hotel. We got treated like royalty, I have no idea why but I am guessing that it had something to do with Leah.

   We arrived into our hotel room and it was big, certainly bigger than the cheap hotels back where I lived. We set down our things and I just explored the whole place. I hopped backwards onto one of the beds and it was like I was floating on a cloud.

   "Lets go explore Italy!" Leah said excitedly.

   "I don't know, I think I will enjoy this bed!" I squirmed around on the bed to get even more comfortable.

   "Oh no you don't," She grabbed my foot and dragged me off the bed.

   "Fine, but only for a bit, I'm exhausted," I sighed and grabbed my camera.

   We left the hotel and saw so many interesting things. It was insane, all the new things that I saw. Italy was gorgeous, especially with the moon high in the sky, adding so much more to the scenery. We stopped walking when we reached a bridge over a small, relaxing stream.

   "Oh, there's that cafe I wanted to try! You want to come?" Leah points to a cafe just up ahead.

   "No thanks, I'm all tired out!" I smiled at her as she skipped her way to the cafe.

   I put the camera up to my face and took a picture of the moon reflecting off of the water below me. I looked over and saw a young man with a sketch book out drawing something. The way he was sitting on the bench made it look like such a good picture. So I decided to take a quick shot of him without him noticing. I held the camera to my eye and quickly took a picture. I took the picture of out the camera, shook it and smiled. Little did I know, the man saw everything!

   He smiled at me and lifted his hand slightly to wave at me. I felt myself heat up and all I could do was tuck my hair behind my ear. He closed his sketch book and started to make his way over here. Oh no, he's going to think I am a total creep!

   "Hey, I'm Aiden! I noticed that you are a photographer, yes?" He tilted his head, trying to get a glimpse at my eyes.

   "Hi, uhm, not a professional photographer, just a hobby," I smiled at him.

   "Ah, just like how my hobby is drawing," He returned the smile.

   "So, what were you just sketch-" I was cut off by the sound of a click and a flash. I whipped my head in the direction of the sound. There were girls just standing there staring at us, the girl in front was holding a camera and she was wearing a 'I <3 1D' shirt.

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