My Story With One Direction

Kirtsi Lawson was your average lowlife 12th grader until One Direction comes and changes everything.


13. The Strange Boy

Once we got home I slammed the car door and stormed inside. Lexi and Marissa piss me off sooo much. 

"What's wrong babe?" Liam came inside with a concerned look on his face. I feel terrible now for being so grouchy on the way inside.

"Nothing, I just need to go for a walk." I went upstairs and grabbed my phone and iPod. I gave Liam a kiss and went down to the park with my headphones in blaring Linkin Park. They really help relieve my stress.

I watched as couples walked around me and held hands. The kids were all on the playground smiling and laughing except for one teenage boy. He looked to be about my age and he had brown hair. I noticed that he was watching me from a distance. Me being a naturally paranoid person, I walked away.

It was getting dark and I was on my way home. The only people on the street were me and some random passersby. 

"Damn you are sexy." I turn around to see the strange boy from earlier standing behind me looking me up and down.

"Please go away."

"Why don't you come to my place tonight?"

"No thank you, now go away and leave me alone."

"That was more of a command than a question." In the dim light I could make out his brown piercing eyes and short hair.

I turned around and just kept walking. I don't know who he thinks he is but he needs to check himself before he gets punched. I maybe a girl but I am not afriad to protect myself.

I pulled out my phone ready to call Liam to come drive me home when the boy threw my phone to the ground and picked me up. I screamed and kicked but there was no one there to hear my cry for help. Just then a car drove up and a boy got out and opened the trunk. The brown haired boy threw me in the trunk and covered my mouth with a cloth. I soon started to fall in and out of the darkness. 


I woke up tied to a bed in a strange room. I am guessing it was one of my kidnappers homes judging by the tidiness. I heard voices approching the door.

"Yeah dude, She went walking last night and she never came home. I am really worried about her man."

LIAM!!! LIAM IS HERE!!!! Wait.... why is Liam here?

I screamed his name as loudly as I could, "LIAM! LIAM, HELP ME! HELP!" 



I heard Liam running down the hallway with someone close behind. The doorknob turned and Liam and the strange boy came in.

"KIRSTI! I'm so glad I found you! Wait... Adam.... What is Kirsti Doing tied to your guest bed?!??!?!?"

" Liam! I was on my way home last night and him and another guy kidnapped me. Please help me!!"

Just then another guy walked in and had a look of suprize on his face.

"Dude! Andy, she woke up too early! Liam found her."

Liam walked over and untied me and picked me up and took me to the car. On the way out Andy grabbed Liam's shoulder and pulled him back. Liam sat me down and went back to fight Andy. Josh walked up to me and started to kick me in the side. I cried out in pain, my sides started to feel like they were on fire.

Liam came back and punched Josh in the arm as hard as he could causing Josh to fall to the ground. Liam picked me up and took me back to the car. He sat me in my seat and locked my door. Then climbed in on his side and drove off.

Hey guys it's me Doodlebug. Sorry for the lack of updates AGAIN. I have had a little writers block and stuff.  The updates from now on will be a little scattered. Sorry.....

I was thinking about changing the title and I want a little help from you guys on choosing it! Just leave a comment and I will choose my favorite or I will make one. :):):):):):)


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